Structured Water Units Testimonials

What are people saying about using Structured Water for drinking, bathing, cleaning and in the garden?

Owner and Her 120 Year Old Home Both Refreshed by Structured Water:

I was immediately drawn within my core to structured water, it just makes so much logical send this is how water should be. I had been buying and drinking reverse osmosis water with oxygen infusion and was thirsty all the time- it wasn’t quenching my thirst.  So I installed 4 commercial units in my house (enough to handle 15,000 sq feet), for the first few months, we had to have the plumber over weekly to empty the residue pans on the hot water heaters.  The plumber said he had never seen anything like this before and asked what we were doing.  The house I live in is 120 years old and the structured water was stripping away all the old build up on the pipes.  This eventually stopped and we have since enjoyed fresh clean water.  We even had the water tested and there were no chemicals in it.  I enjoy drinking and bathing in this glorious water.  I wouldn’t drink anything else.
I feel more energetic and less fatigue overall
I began drinking structured water using the portable device in October 2016 and I have to say that I feel more energetic and less fatigue overall.  I generally drink a lot of water, but my consumption has gone up since drinking the water and I feel physically better.  The water even tastes better and the texture feels thicker.  I love what it has done for me and I take my portable unit everywhere. I have been telling everyone about Structured Water and a good friend of mine bought a unit and loves it.  He has shared this picture attached.  The roots on this plant developed more quickly and robustly with Structured Water. Best recards,
J Castellano
It’s really cool when you discover something beneficial and a delight to use.
Holland Franklin told me about Structured Water and I was unsure about adding an accessory to my daily life that I might not actually use daily. Lots of things are ‘good’ but that doesn’t mean I’ll actually want to incorporate them; some are a bother and their efficacy isn’t high enough. Holland let me borrow her Structured Water unit to ‘try it out’. The Structured Water tasted better than my regular Brita water or Jupiter water. That’s nice, I thought. Better tasting is an asset. It wasn’t until I put some Structured Water on my favorite big houseplant that I understood what was happening. This plant’s leaves became more opened and they stood up straighter. I’ve known this plant for years and this was NEW. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the plant could take in Structured Water and nourishment in a way it couldn’t with other water. (I was already using a Jupiter water system and this blew the doors off that.) If the water could do this with a houseplant I was going to ‘water’ myself with Structure Water. I use it for everything: washing veggies (they get cleaner) coffee and tea tasted better…smoother and rounder, etc. etc. The next big discovery was about to happen. I had washed the marble floors as I normally do and rinsed them until the rinse cloth came up from the floor ‘clear and clean’. Good job, right? Well… I decided to do an experiment use Structure Water and go over the floors. The first swipe of the Structure Water cloth pulled up a whole mess of grey residue from my ‘clear and clean’ floor. The floor became truly clean and even felt different when I walked on it. I now use Structured Water for all cleaning. Also, my body must have been able to ‘flush’ tissue holding toxins when I added Structure Water because my skin became more ‘clean’, a subtle but noticeable difference. Needless to say, my portable Structure Water unit goes with me wherever I go. Thank you Holland for introducing me to Structured Water. My body, inside and out, is cleaner and my whole house is cleaner!
Gloria J.


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