How to Turn Tap Water
Into Energized Water

We Are at Least 70% Water

You probably already know that your body consists of at least 70% water. Your blood is 92% water…your brain is 90% water…and the average adult is composed of over 100 pounds of water. And, in order to maintain life, the 70+ trillion cells of your body must be continually cleansed, nourished and rehydrated.

Why is Hydration So Important?

Most people don’t realize that even mild dehydration slows metabolism, which is a major cause of weight problems. It also causes fatigue, reduces short-term memory and exacerbates existing health challenges. Contrary to popular belief…it’s not about drinking more water. It’s about drinking enough of the right kind of water.

How Much Water Should We Drink?

It’s commonly believed we must drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day in order to maintain a proper level of hydration. But if the size of the water molecules you are drinking are too large to penetrate the cell membrane, you could drink 108 glasses of water a day and still be dehydrated.

Size Matters!

Water molecules are measured in terms of surface tension (dynes per cubic centimeter).  Tap water and most bottled waters have a surface tension of 72-84 dynes, which are way too large to penetrate the cell membrane. Since our body fluids have a surface tension of only 46 dynes, we must drink and bathe in water that has a surface tension lower than that in order to stay sufficiently hydrated. Unlike unstructured tap water, RO water (reverse osmosis), distilled water or bottled water, energized structured water molecules are typically only 43 dynes per cubic centimeter and therefore easily penetrate the cell wall and effectively hydrate your body…both when you drink it and when you bathe in it. In other words, the molecular surface tension of energized structured water permits optimum cellular absorption.

Energized Structured Water Carries Good Stuff IN and Bad Stuff OUT

Not only does structured water hydrate your cells when you drink it or bathe in it, but it also assists in the transportation, wetness and absorption of your food and supplements at the cellular level. In other words, with energized structured water, you absorb far more nutrition from your food, vitamins, minerals, medications and health supplements. It’s not how much or how many supplements you take that matters…it’s how much your body absorbs that makes the difference between poor health and radiant health.

Structured Water Cleans Out Your Water Lines

As an added bonus, energized structured water dissolves and flushes corrosion out of your water lines. It also does this inside your body. It gently and safely flushes out plaque in your arteries and dissolves potentially dangerous gallstones and kidney stones that could otherwise jeopardize your health. Because structured water oxygenates your body with “stabilized oxygen” and infuses it with “bio-photons” (light), it also enhances overall health and improves the quality of your life. The antiaging properties of this water alone make it priceless.

It Strengthens Your Immune System

Another great bonus of energizing and structuring your water is that it eliminates the harmful effects from contaminants (metals, chemicals, toxins, parasites, etc.) in your water, yet it preserves all the healthful minerals that are essential to radiant health. It also eliminates any negative energy patterns (memory of negative imprinting) that are detrimental to your health. This process greatly strengthens your immune system.

Structuring Water Removes Water “Memory     Toxins that have been in water imprint the water with a vibrational pattern.  Filtering removes the particles and chemicals, but does not remove this residual energy “memory” in the water, so when we drink ordinary water from the city, or in bottles, or from a filtering device, the vibration is still there and affects our own bio-resonance, entraining it into unhealthy patterns.  Structuring removes the memory in water so we get all the health-giving effects of vibrant, living water.

Where Do I Get Energized Structured Water?     Natural Action Structured Water Units, designed by Clayton Nolte, are available in models for Home, Garden, Sink, Shower, RVs, and also Portable Units.  Clayton Nolte studied water for over 40 years, and his discoveries led to the formulation of Natural Action Water Structuring Units. These Units, replicate the action of a mountain stream and deliver naturally structured, “memory” free water to you.

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