Structured Water Protects Cells from Cell Phone Radiation Damage

This article is the down stream result of some personal experiences of mine with both the effects of over-exposure to wireless technology, and the benefits of structured water, which has been a godsend for my health.

In 2007 my home was sold and I moved into the furnished house belonging to a friend. I had no idea how much this move would change the course of my life. Within days, I slept badly, became depressed, disoriented, my body felt creaky like I’d aged several years, my concentration deteriorated, and I felt a pervasive anxiety that was hard to pinpoint. During sleep my body would heat up as though I had an extreme fever and would not cool down unless I went outside for a while in the middle of the night. I tried to organize my closet but couldn’t figure out how to do it, and I’ve been a professional organizer. What the heck was going on with me?

At that time I’d been a Feng Shui practitioner for 10 years, and I had some familiarity with health issues associated with EMF, electromagnetic fields. I had already worked with the Pulsor® EMF protection technology which had been very helpful for producing healthy living spaces in many properties I’d worked with. Also, through my work a client introduced me to a woman who lived near to me, Cindy Sage, EMF consultant extraordinaire, and activist on the world stage educating people about the dangers of various technologies to human health. Cindy had educated me about how EMF, all these invisible influences from our wiring, gadgets, appliances, phones, etc. were compromising our health, and what to do about it. 

Through a process of elimination I finally figured out that the strong signal from a router in a closet across from my bedroom was the source of all my new woes.

A clue was that whenever I left the house I felt much better, unless I was near to another source of wireless signals. Between this router and all the stresses (many) also occurring at that time, I developed a condition known as EHS, or “electrohypersensitivity”. EHS is something like an allergic reaction to EMF fields of all sorts including those from wireless devices. I only finally found this name for my new “condition” after much research, because I’d never heard of it before.

Turns out, people had been reporting about EHS for many years, through over-exposure to office equipment in Swedish workplaces, people in the military too close to radar, and so forth. The bad news was that I couldn’t find anyone through months of looking for answers, who had ever recovered from it (since then Annie Hopper and others have developed recovery programs, but it’s been a bleak landscape for those with EHS). The statistics these days are that an estimated minimum of 3-5% of people are affected the way I am… and this seems like a negligible number until you realize that 5% is one in every 20 persons. Everyone has a body that conducts electricity, so everyone is “electro-sensitive”:  research has shown that everyone’s body will register brainwave and cardiac rhythm changes in the presence of EMF, whether or not a person is aware of it. Those who are electro-hyper-sensitive have the allergic-type reaction and may be lightly or moderately affected, or so compromised that they don’t survive it.

The additional difficult news – another step in my very steep learning curve – was that there was no conventional way to totally neutralize digital signals. Other types of EMF, electrical and magnetic fields, and dirty electricity, could be filtered, shielded or reduced in ways that made much of it possible to live with, but a digital radio frequency (RF) signal behaves differently. The only real remedy for it is to eliminate it. Where I was living I didn’t have a lot of options because it was a rented home and wasn’t my router so I had little say over having it near me at the time. The damage had already been done, and I was sensitized to wifi. The increasing number of homes and businesses with wireless routers made the world an unsafe place for me to live and work in, reducing my income as well as my health because I often could not go to clients’ homes long enough to do a good job – and when I was there, their wifi affected my ability to think in such a way that I often couldn’t understand what someone was saying to me, and couldn’t get the words from my brain to my mouth to give them good answers to questions.

My quest shifted from “how do I neutralize these frequencies so they don’t hurt me?” more to, “how do I become healthier so I’m less vulnerable to their effects?” Today, my years of searching, testing, spending lots of money, etc., has produced plenty of dead ends, a lot of information and a few really useful gems.

Hexagonal Water

In 2011 four years into the EHS experience, as the world had become increasingly shrouded in a density of wireless signals, I became aware of Structured Water. I had been familiar with the phenomenon of structured water benefits since 2002, but the product I’d used earlier to structure water was hard to use and I had abandoned it. My instinct was that I really needed to look into these new water structuring devices, and I bought early versions of a Portable and a Shower Unit. 

 From day one, drinking structured water increased my sense of being grounded and calm. The constant anxiety became much quieter in my brain, my nerves and muscles became more relaxed, and every symptom of this environmental sensitivity reduced. As a real plus I enjoyed drinking water for the first time; previously most other sources of water hadn’t made me feel that much better and it seemed like a chore to drink. Structured water did not “fix” me, but provided greater general wellbeing and such noticeable relief from EHS, drinking it became a part of my life, and I’ve only missed drinking structured water one day in over eight years!

Bathing in structured water felt like being in mountain water, a delicious feeling on my skin, and I felt refreshed in a new way. The previous four years I had actually dreaded showering because the bathroom I used was on a side of the house that was more exposed to local cell towers and neighbors’ wifi networks. I would often emerge from the bathroom in tears because it was so painful to be in there long enough to take a decent shower – the anxiety was off the charts sometimes. Once I added the Structured Water Shower Unit, I felt nothing but happiness when my body was in the structured water flow as it felt like the water was somehow cancelling out the effects of all the wireless. I can’t tell you how grateful I felt to have any part of my life return to some kind of normal!

My experience of electrosensitivity has been a great motivator to pass on information to support others to prevent what I have gone through. EHS will not affect everyone, of course, but given that it ensues after stress and overexposure to sources of EMF, when is that point where our bodies have taken all they can handle and this sensitivity takes hold? I don’t wish it on anyone.

I have had to discover tools to stay balanced and healthy, but in this particular historical period which includes technology none of our ancestors ever had to deal with, consciously adding all of the healthy resources to our lives that we can is just common sense – necessary. Those of us with children in our lives owe it to them to protect them, because they are some of the most vulnerable and don’t know what it’s like to live in a world without wireless.

This article includes information I’ve been able to piece together which explains the benefits I’ve felt from drinking and bathing in structured water, together with eliminating or reducing my exposure levels to all forms of technology. Back in 2007 there was very little information about electrohypersensitivity, and structured water was almost unheard of. Today, abundant information is available about how technology works, and resources are available for protecting oneself or avoiding harmful exposure. Structured water is also finding it’s place in the world as more and more research exists which demonstrates scientifically what it is and how it works. Structured water devices are now easily available to make drinking structured water part of our daily health regimen.

If you care to share, I would appreciate your feedback so I know if this has been helpful to you, and thank you!


Structured Water Protects Cells from
Cell Phone Radiation Damage

By Holland Franklin

As we’re well aware, cell phones have become a central fixture in most of our lives, facilitating and organizing information, our social life, work life, and more. A cell phone can provide unprecedented ease and speed of communication, so key to the digital age. Less well known is that on the flip side of these benefits is considerable research demonstrating that persistent exposure to cell phone and other wireless devices causes damage to our physical, emotional and mental health. 

Given that it’s not practical most of the time to remove cell phones from our lifestyle, we need to be informed and to find ways to more safely co-exist with the risks involved. One important and surprising source of protection from cell phone use is adequate hydration. However, not all types of water will provide this. All water is beneficial, but one kind of water can reduce cell phone impact and is uniquely protective:  “structured water”. Structured water is a vital resource that plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining overall health and well being, in addition to helping us recover from any environmental insult. 

This article addresses what concerns are involved with exposure to cell phones, what is structured water, and how does drinking structured water help us to stay healthy?

What are the harmful effects of radio frequency signals from cell phones?

Cell Phone Signals Weaken the Immune System

Cell phones communicate by sending and receiving digital information “bits” riding along on pulsed digital waves. Cell phone signals easily penetrate through all of our tissues. The signal strength is highest closest to the phone, but the field from the signal is large enough to pass through the entire body. A digital, or pulsed, signal is either “on” or “off”, and looks like a straight line punctuated with periodic spikes; whereas, an analog wave looks like a rounded wave in the ocean with gradual peaks and troughs, and is continuous.

Because they are man-made and not used by nature at all, our bodies don’t understand pulsed signals. Nature uses analog wave forms. By penetrating into the body the signal breaches the protective layers of skin, tissue, and bone, the outer parts of our immune system boundary.

Due to its “foreign” nature it is considered an invader by the immune system, and the body responds by going into survival mode. The presence of this threat tells our nervous system to go into “sympathetic dominance”, the fight or flight mode of the nervous system, mobilizing its resources to deal with the perceived threat.To protect itself, the body initiates a lock down of cell membranes until the threat is dealt with, meaning that metabolic functions of nutrient absorption and elimination of wastes are suspended to a certain degree until the threat has passed. 

This physiological survival response to a wireless signal happens every time we pick up the phone, especially within the first few seconds of the phone call; just having a cell phone turned “on” and in the proximity of our bodies is also putting us within a reduced strength signal between calls. Frequent use of cell phones prolongs the time spent in this survival state. 

Our bodies can easily tolerate short-term stresses, but a body is not designed to be in that state indefinitely and to be able to remain healthy. The body can move into a chronic acidic stress state, adrenal glands are over-stimulated, and stored mineral resources are used up in this mobilization of resources used to adapt to the stress, creating deficits over time. The heightened adrenalin released in survival mode is also corrosive to cells. The longer the exposure lasts, the more other sources of cellular signals and other EMF exposures are also present, and the increased vulnerability due to other factors (children with undeveloped nervous systems, older people, people with chronic health conditions), the greater the risk.

Our Cells Function by Electrical Frequencies. 

Our Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) and cell membrane structures consist of layers of cells, each layer having a specific electrical charge. Cell phones and other sources of digital signals interfere with what is called electrical “Voltage Gated Calcium Channels” (VGCC), which regulate what passes into the cell through cell membranes.

These voltage gate channels function exactly the same way as electronic garage doors, opening the cell membrane with only certain codes or frequencies.  One source of damage to the body is when this charge structure receives interfering signals:  the gate is left open and the brain and cells are exposed to damage from toxins that are normally kept outside of these membranes.

Dr. Martin Pall, PhD is a biochemist and professor emeritus of medical sciences.  His breakthrough paper on the effects of electromagnetic frequencies, EMF, on VGCCs was posted on the Global Medical Discovery Site as one of the most important medical papers of 2013. Dr. Pall’s work shows that the calcium gates are exquisitely sensitive to voltage changes, and when weakened allow large amounts of calcium into the cells. The nervous system, heart and reproductive organs are particularly affected due to their higher density of VGCCs. This excess calcium is responsible for health breakdown as an indirect result of oxidative stress from the cascade of chemical responses to dangerous levels of calcium signaling. Oxidative stress creates damage through inflammation and DNA breaks, which if not repaired, become cumulative over time. 

Here is a partial list of health conditions associated with excess calcium in cells:

In 2011 the World Health Organization classified RF-EMF wireless radiation as a Class 2B Possible Human Carcinogen, based on evidence that linked long term wireless exposure to brain cancer.

What is Structured Water and how does it protect us?

Increased Vulnerability from Dehydration: The Problem of “Unstructured” Water 

A healthy brain is 75 – 80% water. Bones are 30% water. Our bodies are 60% water by volume, but 99% of our body’s total number of molecules is water molecules. Anything that undermines our state of proper hydration is of primary importance to the regulation systems of the body.

Due to its inherent structure, water in nature behaves like a liquid crystal. It conducts electricity and is affected by the type of waveforms it is exposed to. Even the bones of the skull have a crystalline structure as well, and can conduct electrical current and whatever waveforms are present into the interior of the brain or into the tissues surrounding the bones. Analog waveforms, the waveforms of nature, are “coherent”, organized. Digital waves produce “noisy” forms lacking in coherence. This lack of coherence causes a shift from the life-supporting natural hexagonal form of “structured” water, to more unstructured forms, and various other configurations, consisting primarily of “pentagonal” water. 

“Hexagonal” or “ pentagonal” refers to the molecular configuration of multiple water molecules, which join together in clusters. Both hexagonal and pentagonal forms are natural configurations of water molecules, but the proportion of hexagonal to pentagonal is much higher in structured water.

Hexagonal groups tend to combine with fewer than 15 other hexagonal molecule groups, while pentagonal and other forms of water tend to form much larger clusters in the thousands of molecules. In order for a body to be hydrated, water molecules must be able to pass into the interior of the cells, because that is where it is most needed for cellular functioning. Since the aquaporin channels on the surface of cells only allow one molecule of water at a time into a cell, a person’s body must expend a great deal of energy to convert large groups of pentagonal structures into the proper smaller form in order to be able to enter into the cell. In this scenario drinking unstructured, ordinary tap, filtered, or distilled water can result in a net loss of energy. Unconverted, the large clusters of water molecules stay outside the cells, such that a person drinking a lot of the wrong structure of water will still be in a dehydrated state because that water is not entering into the cells.

Water in nature has a much higher percentage of hexagonal water. However, if water has been exposed to high electromagnetic (EMF) or radio frequency (RF or cellular) frequencies (think electrical water purifiers, electric stoves, microwave ovens), or has run through more than 300’ of straight pipe, “structured” hexagonal water has been stressed into predominately unstructured water. Because of this, almost all of the water we commonly drink or bathe in is very hard for the body to use directly without energy loss. Therefore, most people are dehydrated most of the time no matter how much water they drink, if that water is “unstructured”.

Hexagonal water has specific life-supporting characteristics aside from its ability to move into the cells. Water researcher Dr. Mu Shik John has written in his book The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, that hexagonal water builds up structure in the body, whereas pentagonal water breaks it down – if you think of the growth spurt seen in plants after a good rain, that gives a good example of this hexagonal water building-up phenomenon in nature.

Both functions are essential to life, so pentagonal water is only a problem when there’s too much of it. Because the use of a cell phone stresses the water in the body through altering the structuring of the water molecules, more pentagonal water will be present as a result of cell phone exposure. When a body is already in a state of dehydration –  whether due to either insufficient quantity of water or hydrating foods, too much unstructured water, or other lifestyle factors – there is greater vulnerability to the stress of a digital waveform. The reduced amount of hexagonal water resource in the body means there is less ability to repair the ensuing damage from oxidative breakdown. According to Dr. Pall, oxidative stress within the cell is capable of damaging our DNA.

Water also responds to the waveforms it is exposed to via something known as an “entrainment” effect. When exposure to digital signals  disorganizes water’s molecular structures, this disorganized state can, through sheer proximity of the energetic field of the water, communicate that discordance to the water in the tissues and bones in the body in contact with it; over time this produces increased breakdown. Through this same principle, conversely, water in a highly coherent state can influence greater internal organization. Because internal disorganization is equivalent to a dis-ease state, more internal organization translates to more resilient health.

Hexagonal Structured Water to the Rescue

In his landmark water research book The Fourth Phase of WaterDr. Gerald Pollack says that the water inside the cells, which everything in that cell interacts with, is in a highly ordered, layered state. The inside surfaces of cells and membranes are covered with many layers of H3O2, this fourth phase of water, which is hexagonally structured water. The layer of H3O2 water molecules is highly charged with the opposite charge to the electrical charge of the membrane it lines. The remainder of the water is called “bulk” water, and it is also charged partly with a mix of charges, but predominately opposite that of the H3O2 layer.  Pollack has named this layered H3O2 water “EZ water”, or Exclusion Zone water because it excludes anything that is unlike it..

This highly ordered layering of charges is part of the protection system of the larger structures of the blood brain barrier, (BBB), the lining of the intestines, down to all individual cells.  A simple five-minute call on a cell phone, broadcasting one’s head and the rest of the body with even small amounts of digital wave forms, will interrupt the healthy organization of charges, breaching the protective barrier system, and disrupting cellular functioning. 

Restoring nature’s precise electrical layering of EZ hexagonal water is essential to maintain this normal cellular functioning. Dr. Pollack remarks, “The water inside your cells is absolutely critical for your health. If you have a pathology of an organ, it’s not only the proteins inside that organ that are not working, but also the water inside that organ. That near-protein water is not ordered in the way it should be… So what you want to do is reestablish a kind of ‘ordering.’” 

Providing hexagonal structured water through drinking structured water and consuming it through organic fruits and vegetables, quickly helps restore the correct layering of charges in the cellular water. This correction in turn strengthens our natural protective mechanisms and provides healthy hydration to the interior of the cells where it is needed most.

How Do We Get Structured Water Into Our Bodies?

How do we regularly restore this necessary balance of beneficial hexagonal water in our bodies to help build and maintain good health, even in the presence of disruptive influences? The easiest way to replenish structured water is to drink it. 

A constant supply of life-giving structured water throughout the day both resupplies hexagonal water, and creates greater resilience in the presence of the cellular communication devices and other wireless, and EMF producing technology virtually everyone is chronically exposed to. 

Structured Water Units from Hexahedron 999© provide structured water devices that serve as Portable, Shower, Under the Sink, Whole House, Gardening, and for Commercial uses. More than just water structuring devices – the Hexahedron 999® has NINE Specific Principles of Operation that can be broken down into THREE specific results – the generation of Biophotons, Resonance, and Structure in the water. 

Hexagedron 999 Structuring Water Mini Unit
Hexahedron 999® Mini Unit

In addition to drinking it there are other ways to expose the body to structured water or to other natural forces, which inherently structure water. One can also consume structured water via healthy organic produce. This greater percentage of structured water in fruits and vegetables, and other foods such as chia seeds, is one more reason to include quality produce in one’s diet. 

The book Quench, authored by anthropologist Gina Bria* and Dana Cohen MD, includes in-depth information about structured water, food sources, and ways to distribute hydration throughout your body through movement of the fascia system surrounding our muscles, for a “structured” lifestyle. 

Infrared rays from the sun or from various infrared devices such as saunas, will also normalize the structuring of water within the body. The sun is a wonderful choice because, along with its life-giving rays, sitting or lying on the earth can also help to move the electrical charge one’s body can acquire into the ground through the soles of the feet. Living and working in high EMF environments, such as offices, or any location with multiple cell phones, routers and Smart Meters, creates an ongoing need to both rehydrate, and to discharge acquired body voltage into the earth. The combination of sun and earth also help the body greatly to move the nervous system and brain out of the sympathetic dominance mode of threat, and into what is called “parasympathetic” mode, which is associated with the ability to rest, relax and repair, integration of learning, centeredness and calm

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This enhanced state of calm, alert centeredness, and the felt-sense of ease and wellbeing, are all hallmarks of proper hydration as body, mind and emotions return to normal. The driven, rushed state we associate with the cell phone lifestyle, is actually a symptom of dehydration, and not an inevitable consequence of modern life. It is properly structured water which allows life to exist in the first place – it only makes sense that right hydration is what helps protect and enhances our quality of life.

* Gina Bria has also initiated The Hydration Foundation, dedicated to bring real hydration to people, animals, plants and soil. Please visit her website for in depth education about structured water and its many applications.


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