The practice of Feng Shui includes many different techniques and types of information.  Compass School feng shui assessments, which I have provided for 18 years now, require study and experience, as do several other aspects of understand what affects a property.

Some techniques and awarenesses are easily taught, such as the space clearing exercise included here today.  In this and the following posts I’ll give an overview of the different components of feng shui, as well as pass on tools to help you play in this wonderful arena of improving environment.

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Space Clearing is a fundamental component of my feng shui practice.  The energetic field of a property, whether it is an area of land, or a building plus the land it is on, can acquire a build-up of congested energy, which affects the quality of experience of people, animals and even plants who live there.  It’s not really different in principle from a white sheet which gets dingy after use, and needs washing to return to its pristine state.  Prior events, whether from 200 years ago or last week, can leave a residual standing wave of energy in an area, like discordant music you can’t quite hear with your physical ears, but which affects your energetic state, through a phenomenon called ‘entrainment’.  Many cultures around the world recognize that this is a fact of life, and they have developed different traditions and techniques to restore a property to a harmonious state.

A good starting place for balancing one’s home, workplace, or land, is to use a Space Clearing technique.  Energetic resonance from prior events, feelings or thoughts, isn’t necessarily a bad thing – think of places of pilgrimage where people come to focus on something holy – but difficult events in life occur frequently enough that ‘cleaning’ the energy should be a common practice.  

It is useful maintenance of a property, and essential for upgrading experience because it helps to anchor a more harmonious state in the place.

Simple Space Clearing

When this is done, everything else which is done later to improve the property, can happen with greater ease and clarity because the old interference fields are no longer there to create discord or resistance.  It is easier to stay in a balanced and happy state if our own personal energy is not resonating with silent discord from former times.

One of the simplest space clearing methods I have found is from Perelandra (  Perelandra is like the Findhorn of America, a place devoted to harmonious, co-creation between humans and nature.  For a mere 60 cents, you can download the simple instructions, and begin to create more harmony and peace where you live.  I have used this method for many years and it is simple, safe, effective, and very accessible as it requires no other materials other than this set of instructions.

Here is the link:  Perelandra Simplified Energy Clearing Process

This is useful when first moving into a home or office, before any feng shui balancing, or other upgrade of a property.  It can also be done on a regular basis as a tune-up to keep the energy bright and happy.

I was first introduced to this method when I had moved into an old 1930 house, built into a hillside.  It was funky, to say the least, and revealed more issues than I initially realized were there as I was getting acquainted with it in the first couple of weeks of moving in.  A friend shared this Perelandra space clearing method with me as I was scrambling around trying to get resources to help this unruly house feel like a home.  After I went through the process for the first time, one of my teenage sons spontaneously observed that the house felt “different and better”, and this was before I told him I’d done anything at all to try to improve the place.  The general heaviness in the atmosphere, gradually began to lift, life got easier, and relationships got smoother as well.

I share this method with you now, because I believe in giving people tools to help themselves where they live.  It’s important to feel like we can make a benevolent difference in the quality of life in our homes.  It’s vital to understand that what determines the feel of a place and many of its qualities and possibilities, often comes from the invisible realm of the energy field.  I see too many people who invest a lot of money in decorating and renovation, not addressing the subtle field which all of us are so sensitive to whether or not we know it, who are not then able to create the degree of peace they really desire. 

There are many methods one can use for Space Clearing, and each has a beneficial effect.  The Perelandra tool is so quick, broad, easy to use as it requires no materials of any sort, and is also presented with a very respectful attitude towards properties and energy.

I also think it’s important to recognize that we live in a vast matrix of creation which is interconnected; we’re a co-creative part of what exists. Helping to create harmony in one small place has a much bigger ripple effect – literally.