Smart Meter Guards Q & A

What is smart meter radiation?

Smart meter radiation is the radiation emitted from the electromagnetic field that the smart meter uses to transmit its data to the utility companies.  The electromagnetic waves are in the RF (radio frequency) range, which is about 900 MHz.  This is similar to the frequencies used in WiFi, cordless phones and cell phones.  These devices are regulated by the FCC and transmit at much lower powers.  Smart meters run at fairly high power so they can transmit up to 25 miles or so.

Will I be exposed to RF radiation if the smart meter faces away from my house?

Yes. RF waves are not directional.  They are radial and transmit in all directions. They are very similar to sounds waves. If you stand behind a wall you can still hear sounds from the other side.  If you stand behind your smart meter the RF waves will be detected.

How do you block smart meter radiation?

There are basically two technologies to block RF, “Reflective” and “Absorption”.  Reflective essentially reflects the RF waves in another direction. Materials used in reflective blocking include aluminum foils and sheet metal.  Absorption blocks the RF waves into the material it’s made of.  This is typically a Faraday cage or carbon infused material.

Does aluminum foil block radiation?

No, aluminum foil reflects radiation.  The issues with aluminum foil or other “reflective” material is that they can actually reflect the RF in a direction you don’t want.  In addition, it can concentrate the radiation in areas you don’t want it to go.

How does the Smart Meter Guard block the radiation?

The Smart Meter Guard blocks the RF waves by absorbing the electromagnetic waves into the grounded stainless steel meshing.  The spacing of the metal mesh will not allow the electrical or magnetic component of the RF waves to pass through it, thus shunting it to ground.

 Does the Smart Meter Guard block radiation inside the house?

Yes, the Smart Meter Guard blocks the radiation inside the house.  This is because your utility box is made of grounded metal, even the sides and back.  RF cannot pass through grounded metal.  Once the Smart Meter Guard is placed over the smart meter your utility box is now completely covered in grounded metal that the RF cannot escape.  It is shunted to ground.

What is the Smart Meter Guard made of?

The Smart Meter Guard is constructed of 316 stainless steel mesh and stainless steel support ribs.  It is fabricated, molded and spot welded together.  It is technically a custom Faraday cage designed specifically for smart meters.

Does the Smart Meter Guard fit all smart meters?

No, it fits about 95% of electrical smart meters mounted on utility boxes.  Most smart meters are about 7 ¼ inches in diameter and the Smart Meter Guard fits those.  Some smart meters are about 5 inches in diameter and it does not fit those.  Also, the Smart meter Guard does not fit water and gas smart meters.  It was designed specifically for electrical smart meters.

Does the Smart Meter Guard require assembly once I order it?

No assembly is required.  It is shipped fully assembled and simply ready to be taken out f its shipping box and installed on your smart meter.

Does it require tools to install the Smart Meter Guard?

The only tool you will need is a screwdriver.  This is used to tighten the securing screw on the Smart Meter Guard to the smart meter.  

How do I install the Smart Meter Guard?

The Smart Meter Guard is placed over the smart meter and the metal ring holding the smart meter to your utility box.  The securing screw is then tightened so the Smart meter Guard fits on snugly.  It’s not necessary for it to be tight.

Is it illegal to put the Smart Meter Guard on?

No, it is not illegal to put a Smart Meter Guard on your smart meter.  It is illegal to break the security seal on your smart meter.  Please do not break the security seal.

Will the utility company take it off?

No, the utility company will not take it off. The utility companies do not care what you have on their smart meter as long as you do not impede their access to the utility box.  The Smart Meter Guard does not impede their access to the utility box.

Will the utility company still get the signal with the Smart Meter Guard on?

Yes, the utility company can still receive the signal they need in 99% of the cases.  This is because the Smart Meter Guard is 99% efficient.  The 1% of the RF that leaks out is enough for the signal to travel over a mile.  Most people live only a couple blocks from their receiving stations.

Will the Smart Meter Guard stay on in high winds?

Yes, the Smart Meter Guard stays on in fairly high winds.  It has a securing screw that will tighten the Guard to the smart meter. However, it may not stay on in Hurricane force winds.

Will the Smart Meter Guard rust or corrode?

No, the Smart Meter Guard will not corrode or rust.  It is made of 316 stainless steel that does not rust or corrode even in the harshest weather conditions.

If my neighbor has a smart meter am I being exposed to RF radiation?

Yes, if your neighbor has a smart meter near you, you will be exposed to some level of RF radiation.  RF radiation falls off fairly rapidly with distance so the further away the better.  

Does the Smart Meter Guard have a lock?

No, the Smart Meter Guard does not have a lock.  It can be secured tightly though.  Most people will not see it and even when they do they do not even know what it is.

How do I measure RF radiation exposure?

The only way is to use a High Frequency analyzer tuned for the 900 MHz range.  The analyzer will measure the power density being emitted from smart meters.

Does high frequency radiation cause health problems?

While we do not understand the effects of high frequency radiation exposure we encourage people to do their own research and monitor their own health effects from this.