Product Data

Testing the Smart Meter Guard

To test the effectiveness of the Smart Meter Guard, which is a custom Faraday cage that blocks smart meter RF waves, the manufacturers performed several tests on a number of smart meters in different locations.  The results were verified in each case by accurately measuring the RF waves emitted from smart meters.

The RF waves were measured in micro watts per square meter (uw/M2), before and after the Smart Meter Guard was installed. In each test they used a GigaHertz Solutions HF35C High Frequency Analyzer with a 20 decibel attenuator.  The 20 decibel attenuator on the HF35C analyzer allowed measurement of the total power density output from the smart meters.

In each test, installing the Smart Meter Guard lowered the power density output of the smart meter from the 15,000 to 54,000 uw/M2 range to less than 60 uw/M2.  Both outside of the house and inside of the house were measured and got the same results, no RF waves.

Why Radiation Doesn't Come Out the Back of the Utility Box

Your electrical utility box is made of and completely surrounded by grounded metal, including the back of the box.  The only part of your electrical box that is not grounded metal is the glass part of the smart meter. The glass part of your smart meter is where the RF waves are transmitted from and they’re not directional.  The RF waves radiates everywhere but can not penetrate grounded metal.  Once the Smart Meter Guard is installed it covers that last part of your utility box that is not grounded metal.  Once the Smart Meter Guard is in place the high frequency radiation can not escape your utility box and all the radiation is contained.

Here is a simple analogy.  Say you have a sound speaker and you put it in a sound proof box that has a hole in it.  When you turn on the sound you heard the sound, even from the back of the box.  Now, if you cover the hole in the sound proof box you the sound can not escape and you won’t hear the sounds.  The Smart Meter Guard basically “covers” the hole in your electrical utility box with a “Faraday” cage.

Radiation is very similar to sound except it’s dealing with high frequency radio waves and grounded metal.

Testing the Radiation Levels Inside the House

We have done extensive testing of the radiation levels inside the house with the Smart Meter Guard installed.

Manufacturer's Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the fit or performance of the Smart Meter Guard you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.  Our goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied with the product and know they are shielded from the RF waves emitting from smart meters.