Safety Basics – 2 Simple Steps

The more I learn about environments and the myriad influences that converge on any given place in the world, the more complex I can see it is.  On the other hand, truth is simple, and there are two main principles which help one progressively improve the feng shui in any property:

1. Remove what is harmful

2. Increase what is beneficial

These two points are so basic, they seem almost not worth mentioning, but I find that many people overlook how broad and fundamental they are, and how much is brought into harmony through attending to them.

1 Remove Harmful Influences: 

My Chinese feng shui teachers had a pragmatic approach to any feng shui influence which could hurt someone:  “neutralize your enemies first”.  The Western mindset with our bias towards positive thinking, finds this rather drastic, but I find it gets one’s attention – and it should.  Taking care of anything which could actually hurt your health and well-being will contribute to both physical safety and psychological ease. 

Ask yourself these questions:  Is it toxic, broken, dangerous to use or store, is it something you could bump into, could it fall on you, is it damp or moldy, does it leak, could you trip over it, is it emitting excess EMF or radio frequency constantly or too close to you, is the wiring faulty or improperly grounded, is the lighting adequate and safe (no CLF bulbs)

could it catch fire, should it be out of reach of children and pets, is it stable, are there nails sticking out, are there insects or rodents visible, could it outgas toxic chemicals, have gas appliances been tested for leaks, etc.?

2  Increase beneficial influences: 

It’s all too easy these days to find oneself surrounded in an environment which has very little that is natural in it.  Synthetic building materials, rugs and fabrics, electronics galore, artificial lighting, treated water (even reverse osmosis), forced air heating and cooling… all can mean a heavy load for the physical body and the psyche.  Natural lighting, organic materials, reducing heavy ’round the clock exposure to electronics, substituting natural for chemical cleaning products, friendly plants, open windows when possible, structured water to help increase the harmony and chi, plus other improvements can all, one by one, increase quality of life

simply because it’s what we’re designed to thrive with.  Look around and see what you might be able to upgrade; even if it’s only one plant in a busy office, it will add incremental ease to your work day.

I am only touching on this topic here, but these principles are so basic, that, even though one may be able to function in an artificial environment, or live with something that is a direct hazard for a time, eventually a price will be paid in the form of cumulative stress and possible injury. 

Source: HGTV

For every hazardous thing or artificial situation that is improved, and every natural influence which is introduced, we can gain more energy and wellness.