Pulsors® Really Work – A Testimonial

This testimonial was sent to me by one of my happy Pulsor customers. This person, like so many, is quite knowledgeable about health, had concerns about the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on his health, and had tried other products which were intended to protect from EMF hazards.

T.L., the writer of this testimonial, has been around the block researching and trying different tools, and initially wasn’t so sure about how Pulsor products could be better than what he’d already found. I suggested that he give Pulsors a try because he had plenty to gain and nothing to lose from experiencing them.* Here is what he found by using some of the popular Pulsor products.

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*Pulsor products have a 30-day money-back guarantee, results are apparent quickly.

“I’m just going to call a spade a spade here and name your (most likely)  #1 pre-purchase objection to Pulsors®. I know, because it was mine. 

Pulsors® are visually “meh” and don’t look like they should cost what they do. In a world of slick marketing and product presentation, Pulsors® are nearly invisible. 

And yet, they have a cult following, decade after decade after decade. 

With nearly zero marketing or company outreach, why do they continue to have an underground following? 


You can feel them. 

Pulsor® product design looks like it was made by an engineer. Well, it was made by an engineer. And engineers are interested in FUNCTION, not form. 

George T Yao was a genius on many levels, having done classified aerospace, space, and molecular physics work. When you cross a multidisciplinary engineering background with a family lineage in Chinese Medicine, you get Pulsors®. 

And Pulsors® work extremely well, better than anything else I have used, period. They are a simple, effective and self-cleaning design. 

The self-cleaning aspect is something many modern EMF harmonization devices are missing. I almost invested thousands of dollars into a passive harmonization system only to find out that they wear out in 3-5 years. Pulsors® don’t. They last forever. 

I was shocked by my first exposure to them. I remember setting up a triangle of Galacticals in the high EMF environment of my office* for the first time. Imagine a space stuffed with cell phones, wireless printers, speakers, tv’s, computers and dozens of wifi routers from the apartments above. 

I immediately went through some sort of detox effect that had me feeling like my brain was turned on for the first time. Energy thrumming up and down my spine. Creativity and mental energy were turned all the way up, and I had one of my most productive writing days ever. 

Pulsor Vortex Energy Filter
Pulsor® Vortex Energy Filter

The first time I plugged in the Vortex Energy Filter, I felt a hushed sensation in the house. A feeling of calm quiet. I didn’t inform someone who was in the house that day, and when I came back that evening, his personality went from tense and frustrated to calm and chill with a visible change in his body language. 

I convinced my mom to get a Vortex Energy Filter and install it in her bedroom. Her north facing bedroom, with little light, has plants absolutely flourishing in it since the filter was added. Plants don’t lie. 

I sleep in a triangle of Angels* in the sleep configuration and always wake up refreshed. 

During the day I carry an Angel 3 -in- 1 in my pocket* to help harmonize my immediate environment as well as a spin tester

I have also been sleeping with the Angel 3-in-1 next to my head* and dreams have been enhanced, as has deep sleep. I carry the spin tester on my person as well as use it for vitalizing my food, supplements and essential oils with a single tap. 

Pulsor Angels
Pulsor® 3-in-1 Angel Vortex Stabilizer (Full Spectrum) and Pulsor® Angel Vortex Stabilizer Set of 3 (Split Frequency) - Items sold separatedly.

There are many other ways to use them of course, and I always reach out to Holland for help with that as she is one of the last experts left in Pulsors®. She intuitively knows which ones you need too, which is helpful. 

To Recap:

I own a Vortex Energy Filter, an Angel 3-in-1, a set of three Angels, a set of Galacticals, and a Spin Tester. 

Pulsor Spin Tester Pendulum
Pulsor® Acu-Pulsor® Spin Tester

I wanted to share these thoughts with you, as there is very little online regarding Pulsors® and how to use them. I can tell you as someone who has tested and tried a LOT of harmonization technologies new and old, very little comes close to Pulsors® in terms of ease of use, strength of effect and long term value. Travelling with them is so easy. 

Holland is also a gold mine of rare and useful information on how to use them, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of ways you can. 

Who knows how much longer we will be able to purchase these, if you have any interest I highly suggest picking up a set and getting your Pulsor® collection started. They are worth every penny. 

I use them every day and night and will continue to do so forever.

Daily Applications for Pulsors®

How to freedive better

The thing about Pulsors® is that they are practical. As in, you don’t just leave them somewhere and forget about them, you can use them daily for many, many different applications. 

I freedive (breathold) dive in the Pacific. The #1 thing about freediving that matters, and determines how deep you can go and how long you can stay under for, is your level of relaxation. 

Over the years, I have found that just being “body relaxed” via using massage or stretching is not enough. In freediving, you may have unconscious emotions surface that are not serving you while you are underwater. 

In my case, it’s usually tension from work, or perhaps the stress of living in a city of millions of people. If I’ve had a “rushed” and tense day and show up to dive in the afternoon after a long day of work, I have found that using a set of 3 Angels in a “stress release” triangle on my body worked wonders*. You can feel an energetic shift in your body/mind that releases tension at a deep, unconscious level. I guess I would describe it as smoothing out a wrinkled sheet, it feels sort of like that. It’s a really good feeling. 

I’ve also used Angels to remove and prevent leg cramps, something very common in freediving due to the long blade fins. Sometimes I use the Angels while sitting to increase lower body circulation* in another configuration-this helps to recharge my tired legs and it’s something I can do while having my morning elixir and reading. 

There is actually an entire book/manual on how to do this with Pulsors® and I recommend Holland’s expertise on this as well. Recently she has told me about the “drain technique”* to really discharge emotions stuck in your body that might not be serving you. I have not yet tried that one, but am looking forward to it.

Miracle of Micro-Crystals by Dr. George T. F. Yao.
Pulsor® - Miracle of Micro-Crystals

I firmly believe that trapped emotions in the body are toxins, and like any toxins, they need to be removed. Pulsors® can accomplish this with zero side effects for the rest of your life. 

Hope this helps ya!” 


* Pulsor® application information is available through the Pulsor book Miracle of Microcrystals, a manual to understand and use Pulsors®, or through consulting/customer support with Holland. Please inquire here for any product questions


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