The Vortex Energy Centers also known as chakras, are located all over the body.  The main energy centers are listed below.  These energy centers have “spin” when tested with a pendulum.  

When a person is in a balanced state of health, the direction of the spin would be according to the information below.  Energy centers can change the direction of their spin, and do, on a regular basis as a response to influences coming from the outside; this is normal.  However, if the spin of an energy center is going opposite to its ideal direction of rotation for a long time, health conditions can manifest as a result.  

The Pulsor® Technology is designed to be implemented in three different ways:

  1. Wearable Protection from EMF and other discordant energy.  Pulsor Pendants, Cards and all other Pulsors with the exception of the Vortex Energy Filter, are worn on the body to help keep you in your natural energy balance.
  2. Lower EMF exposure from the environment.  The Vortex Energy Filter, Pulsor Cards, Angels, Galacticals and other types of the “torroid” Pulsors (refers to the shape) are placed strategically in a building, outdoors in the surrounding property,on cell phones and other equipment, in your car, etc. to create greater safety and support a healthy living energy field for you and every other living thing.  Equipment runs more smoothly as well.
  3. Therapeutic use to assist the energy centers to return to normal, according to the body’s ability to determine a healthy balance for itself.  Pulsors never force ones energy into an unnatural organization, but gently help the body to remove any acquired interference patterns that keeps it from it’s own natural order.  The Pulsor Acu-Pulsor Spin Tester can accurately test for spin on the body or in the environment, and other Pulsor types are placed on the body for various therapeutic balancing effects as outlined in the book, The Miracle of Microcrystals, by the inventor Dr. George Yao.

Please click on the link below for a graphic view of the correct polarities of the energy centers for men and women.

Download:  Vortex Centers Men and Women

 For Men:

For Women:

For both Men and Women:

Right Side of the Body:  All Counter Clockwise, except over the Liver area below the ribs, which is Clockwise

Left Side of the Body:  All Clockwise, except over the Pancreas area below the ribs, which is Counter Clockwise

Polarities on the back side of the body are exactly opposite the front side for both Men and Women.