Protection from Smart Meters

"Smart Meters", which communicate digital signals of usage of electricity, gas or water back to t utility, have been increasingly installed in many areas in the US and abroad over the past few years.  

While the aim of reducing the carbon footprint involved in meter readers physically going to read meters is a lofty one, many people have reported health problems as a result of living with a Smart Meter on their home.  These health complaints include exacerbation of existing health complaints and the development of new ones.  Many people were not aware that their old analog meters had been replaced, and so did not initially associate their health condition with the new meter.  Some common symptoms are here: Symptoms of Exposure.

Many groups have formed in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. with the aim of either prohibiting Smart Meter installation, or providing an opt-out program for anyone who wishes to retain an analog (dials) or other meter which does not transmit continuously back to the utility either wirelessly or over power lines.  Very few US states, such as California and Vermont, have official “Opt Out” programs where an analog meter may be retained, or a Smart Meter replaced after installation, at the customer’s request.  Opt Out programs also have initial and ongoing fees, although these are being challenged in some locales.

Feeling their health to be at risk, many people have resorted to devising their own methods of blocking the transmissions, which either provide only limited blocking, or total blocking which provokes a response from the utility which is not getting the usage information transmitted.

I am pleased to be able to offer the Smart Meter Guard.  This durable product:

For additional information on Smart Meters and the Smart Meter Guard technology, please see the Smart Meter Guard tab on this website.  

Smart Meter Guards

If you prefer a do it yourself approach, here are good instructions for creating your own shield:  DIY Smart Meter Shielding

For more information about Smart Meters, please go to

Whether or not you have health issues, there is data which correlates constant exposure to digital transmissions with various health risks, not all of which one might suspect as related to digital devices. The Smart Meter Guard can be an ounce of prevention.

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