Ultima – Super Theta Gold, Set of 3

These advanced Pulsors® are finely tuned to the mental frequencies.  They are typically used in more advanced therapeutic balancing.

Many users report positive results when using these Pulsors® to counteract the disruptive effects of wifi energy.  Most often they are placed on the modem and router and additionally on the computer CPU (one Pulsor® on each device.  Some sensitive individuals will wear a set as well.



Super Ultima Theta Pulsor®
The Ultima series is tuned to the brain wave frequencies. They are useful in removing negative life imprints & experiences; the memories recorded in the cellular mind. Memories imprinted by electromagnetic impulses, generated by the brain at the time of incident, during our lifetime journey of experiences. Whatever is stored in our memories, our subconscious mind tints all of our actions, thoughts & attitudes.
Most of all our tensions and relaxations of our muscles and emotions on a cellular level, is affecting the mutagenesis functions of our physical organs. This is a major cause of our organic cellular disease & disharmony.
The Ultima is designed to address the distortions and constant movement of the Mind, by slowing down the brave frequencies. When the mind and brain waves are quiet, balance will automatically begin. The Theta Pulsor is used for the Mental level and slows the brain wave from Alpha to Theta. The Ultima Series Pulsor contains the full spectrum of frequencies and is designed for automatic balancing of the Vortex Energy Centers of the body. This is a totally auto-selective Pulsor, no matter where you place it on the body it will quickly adjust to that local area’s vibrations. The Advanced Super Ultima Theta Pulsor functions at higher more subtle frequencies, which are beyond the scope of th other series of Pulsor.


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