The Pulsor® ULTIMA SERIES – Theta Set of 3

Pulsor® Thetas protect one from EMF exposure and also calm the mind.  The Thetas (and Deltas) were designed to affect the mental energy field: slowing the brain wave frequency down (from 7.8 hertz to 3 hertz).  They act as a filter for interference signals and discourage interfering frequencies. According to research the Theta brainstate encourages healing, emotional calm, enhanced meditation and creativity, stress relief, light sleep and dreaming.  Research has proven thirty minutes a day of Theta meditation can dramatically improve a person’s overall health and well-being.  Theta meditation has also been known to result in less need for sleep.



Thetas can be worn for protection from electromagnetic pollution, placed on the body for therapeutic balancing applications, used for deeper states of calm and meditation and even put under one’s pillow or mattress to help one’s mental state during sleep.  A simple way to use them would be to lie down and place one Theta on one’s third eye and one under each shoulder; this would have the effect of calming the mind.
In the environment of one’s home or workplace, Thetas can be used to balance energy as well.  Standing waves of energy can be produced from mental and/or emotional activity within a room and the waves then stay in the environment unless they are somehow cleared.  These standing waves can then entrain our mental state or emotional state, influencing our thoughts and feelings into that habitual state.  A triangulation of three Thetas on floor, ceiling, or both can clear these interference patterns, supporting more freedom of thought and feeling.


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