Pulsor® Vortex Energy Filter

This device will neutralize the normally disruptive Alternating Current Electro-Magnetic field produced by the wiring within the walls of your home or workplace, creating a supportive, healthful “energy oasis” in which to live and work.  In addition, the Pulsor® conditioned wiring now functions as a protective “cage”, filtering the disruptive effects of geopathic and broadcast forms of radiation.  When installed between a wall outlet and a live electrical device its protective effect extends to all areas fed by that circuit’s breaker box.  In most cases, this is an entire office or single-family home.

The applications for the PULSOR® VORTEX ENERGY FILTER are extremely diverse, allowing you to enjoy its benefits in all areas of your home and workplace.


This Pulsor® is second in importance only to those Pulsors® for Personal Protection and is a perfect complement to them. It allows us to take charge of our environment by blocking and transmuting the negative energies which surround us, creating a clear, protected, balanced and life-enhancing space.

This member of the Pulsor® Polarity Protector family has been specifically designed to remove the harmful, disorienting subtle energy components of the electric and magnetic fields generated by Alternating Current electricity. We have all, at one time or another, experienced the interference that electromagnetic and radio (RF) waves can cause in electronic equipment. However, few of us are equally aware of the conflict these very same waves cause when they interfere with the energy fields of the human body. With the ever-increasing use of computers, word processors, electronic cash registers, laser bar-code scanners and other sophisticated electronic components, rapidly growing numbers of us are daily experiencing this subtle energy interference in some not so subtle ways. Headaches, vision problems, nervousness, irritability, impaired attention, disturbed sleep and an increased level of stress are common complaints and just a small sampling of how these and similar devices can disrupt our body’s natural balance. When the PULSOR® VORTEX ENERGY FILTER is used, the energy generated by AC wiring and these devices no longer cause a disruption of our own energy fields.

How Does the Pulsor® Vortex Energy Filter Work?

When the radiant energy waves generated by all types of electronic equipment, from cash registers to CAT scanners – from PC’s to process controllers, interact with the human body or any other living system they cause a disorientation and imbalance of the normal subtle energy functions and biorhythms of that organism. This results in a reversal of the polarity of the body’s vortex energy centers and thereby affects the fundamental bio-fields of the body. By using a VORTEX ENERGY FILTER in your home or office the reversal of normal vortex polarity caused by these electrical devices and appliances can be prevented. The FILTER’S proprietary design neutralizes the offending subtle energies generated by the electric and magnetic fields inherent in Alternating Current electricity. When a computer system is connected to the VEF, the experience is one of mental clarity and physical ease. With a computer monitor or television, over time, the high voltage static discharge from the screen is greatly reduced. The conditioning provided by the VEF is fed back through the AC line to the circuit breaker box, which then functions as a HUB to distribute conditioned energy throughout ALL the circuits it feeds and ALL the attached appliances. The PULSOR VORTEX ENERGY FILTER is NOT a current surge arrestor nor an AC power line spikes eliminator; it will not solve the problem of equipment failure due to voltage spikes, surges or oscillatory transients. A device specifically designed to provide this type of protection is required in addition to the FILTER.


The PULSOR® VORTEX ENERGY FILTER is a single, independent unit. Lightweight and portable, it is designed for INDOOR USE ONLY. The unit is available only in black and is wired with 16 AWG / 3 conductor wire and terminated with standard three- prong North American plugs. International models are supplied without end connectors. The FILTER is self-energized by the electrical current flowing in the conducting wires. Its positive effect is enhanced by continuous use; the longer the unit is left in the circuit, the more harmonious the energy becomes.

The VEF is a 3 x 6 inch cylindrical Pulsor device configured around a heavy-duty, three-wire conductor and terminated with grounded connectors.  It is black in color.  These units are not surged protectors. TO PROVIDE PULSOR CONDITIONING , THE DEVICE WHICH IS PLUGGED INTO THE FILTER MUST BE ON.


ALWAYS ADHERE TO THE MAXIMUM LOAD LIMITS – DO NOT OVERLOAD! The unit should be used in DRY, WELL-VENTILATED areas and within the temperature range of -50 to + 135 degrees Fahrenheit.


Plug the VEF directly into an AC outlet, and then plug the electrical device(s) into the FILTER. Use a device that is always on. This insures a constant flow of electricity through the VEF which is what establishes and maintains the state of Pulsor conditioning. If the device fails, the conditioning is no longer in effect. A flat-panel night light, answering machine, cordless telephone base station are all good choices. When multiple devices are to be used (i.e.; a computer setup or stereo system), the multi-outlet adapter is connected between the FILTER and the devices. KEEP IN MIND THE MAXIMUM CURRENT RATING OF 13 AMPERES OR 1625 WATTS. The Pulsor conditioning and protection begins immediately and continues to build over the next weeks. It is not advisable to repeatedly unplug the VEF as this disrupts this process.


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