Pulsor® Slotted Infra Card

Slightly bigger than a credit card, the Slotted Infra Card is tuned to the resonant frequency of the cells in the body.  The best way to make use of the Infra Card is to experiment with it.  As this Pulsor® has the unique ability to “track” chaotic and discordant energies that continually vary in frequency, it is particularly suited to address situations where pain is an issue.




Suggested Use:

  1. Place it under your pillow while sleeping to offset the radiations affecting sleep during the night.
  2. It can offset electro-magnetic radiations.
  3. Good for placing on wires coming into computers, TVs, into homes from satellite hook-ups.
  4. Thread a thin band or belt through slots to strap on, or place it over a painful area and wear it until relief is attained.  Any points on the body that are reversed from their normal polarity, will be instantly resorted to the correct polarity.


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