Pulsor® Galactical Collectables Set of 3

This black hexagonal, full-spectrum Pulsor® provides the expanding aura return frequency, or route for energetic regeneration.  The Galactical Collectable Pulsor®, also known as the “Turning Point Express” is different from all the other Pulsors®.  Other Pulsors® amplify the auric force fields.  The Galactical has an energy retrieval cycle, which after amplification of the Physical, Emotional and Mental energy fields, causes the Subtle Scalar Wave to re-enter the physical frequency and regenerates the process many times over.  Black, hexagonal 1 3/4? x 1/2?



“I will never forget the very first time I used a set of 3 Galacticals.
I was in the very high EMF, discordant energy of my office – a lot of people, and a lot of wireless devices, as well as about 20 other WiFi antennas from the individual apartments above the office all emitting at once. It’s a high intensity EMF environment and even though I would not count myself as “EMF sensitive” even I can feel it when I’m in there. A buzzy, tiring, mildly strung out feeling.
Anyhow, I set up the 3 Galacticals in a triangle in the conference room and sat in the middle of the triangle.
Instantly I went through some sort of energetic detox, Holland could probably explain what was going on better, but I can tell you how it felt:
I had surges of energy moving through my body and up and down my spine. These were also accompanied by surges of feeling, no specific emotion, just emotion, really. The energy movement in my body felt like powerful waves crashing on me and cleansing old crud off. The energy was almost overwhelming but within a few minutes it calmed down and I felt tremendous brain energy and power. I ended up creating by writing the rest of the day in that conference room with zero procrastination and the words just flowed out. I also organized a lot things I had been putting off that day.
I think it’s been so long for most of our nervous systems to have felt harmony that when they do, it’s a tremendous effect. I think our bodies use a lot of energy to suppress the negative effects of discordant energy in our environments and when that pressure is taken off, it’s like popping the cork on a champagne bottle. the energy just bubbles up and courses through you.
My two cents anyway.
Highly recommend the Galacticals, mine travel everywhere with me at all times.
Such a simple, elegant solution for feeling better in the challenging environments we find ourselves in these days.”
– T.L.


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