Pulsor® Five Elements, Galacticals, Delta Thunderbolts, and Primordials KIT

This series of Pulsors is engineered differently from all the other Pulsors. Instead of being activated by energies exerting pressure on the microcrystals, it makes use of the natural scalar resonance within the atomic nucleus. The human being consists of Matter and Mind comprised of the Five Elements: earth, air, fire, water, and ether. It is the additional capacity of the Five Elements Stabilizer to resonate with the ether element that allows its great success in balancing the Emotional Body.

This black hexagonal, full-spectrum Pulsor provides the expanding aura return frequency or route for energetic regeneration. The Galactical Collectable Pulsor®, also known as the “Turning Point Express,” is different from all the other Pulsors. Other Pulsors amplify the auric force fields. The Galactical has an energy retrieval cycle, which, after amplifying the Physical, Emotional, and Mental energy fields, causes the Subtle Scalar Wave to re-enter the physical frequency, repeating the process many times.

The Primordial Pulsor® is used in Balancing the Vortex Energy Centers®. When they are used in Pulsor®, Balancings can help relax the mind, emotions, and body, possibly promoting deep