Pulsor® Andromedian, Acu-Pulsor® KIT

The Andromedian is multi-functional and is a full-spectrum Pulsor®. It can be used for personal protection from EMF by wearing it on the body. You can place the Andromedian on any small electrical device to harmonize the energy flow and EMF protection. Use the Andromedian for Pulsor® Balancing and wear after to maintain the balance of the body’s Vortex Energy Centers®.

The Acu-Pulsor® Spin tester is an exact and sensitive pendulum-shaped device that boasts a wide range of applications. Firstly, it is the primary tool for energy assessments and Vortex Polarity Balancing Sessions due to its remarkable affinity for subtle energy fields. Crafted from Pulsor® material, it maintains genuine energetic neutrality. Furthermore, as a potent full-spectrum Pulsor®, it provides excellent protection when carried in ones pocket.