Pulsor® Acu-Pulsor® Spin Tester

The Acu-Pulsor® has many functions:  It has particular affinity for subtle energy fields.  Accurate and sensitive for Vortex Polarity balancing sessions or for detecting quality of the energy field in assessments of properties.Effective in moving blocked energy when it is held on acupressure points.Potent full-spectrum Pulsor®, providing great protection when carried in a pocket or elsewhere on the body.

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  1. Testing:  The Acu-Pulsor® is the main testing device used in Vortex Center Polarity Balancing and for environmental vortex energy surveys to detect the quality of the energy field in physical location, such as in a building or on a parcel of land.
  2. As with all Pulsors®, it remains neutral to environmental electromagnetic radiation and will give accurate readings (depending on the balance and skill of the tester).  When used for dowsing, it can be used as a very accurate and sensitive pendulum for qualitative and quantitative testing.
  3. EMF Protection:  When carried in your pocket, the Acu-Pulsor® will amplify your subtle energy force field, providing protection from EMF.
  4. Neutralizing Harmful Energy:  The Acu-Pulsor® will neutralize harmful energy in food and drink, as well as metal objects, by briefly touching the plate, glass, or object with the tip of the Acu-Pulsor®.
  5. Use On Acupuncture Points to Normalize Personal Energy Flow:  The Acu-Pulsor® is also designed for use in subtle energy balancing through contacting the acupuncture points.  The body’s subtle force fields can be contacted through the entire skin area.  When our subtle energy flow and polarities are out of balance, we lose Chi or vital energy, through various points on the skin surface.  Energy flow imbalance can also produce congestion of energy at these points.  Points may become sensitive, even painful, due to the leakage or congestion of Chi.  To locate these points (if you are not already trained in acupuncture or some other “point” system), just press lightly over the skin surface with the tip of the Acu-Pulsor®.  Once you have located the sensitive or painful spots, continue to apply light, bearable pressure at that spot.  Remove the Acu-Pulsor® after a few minutes or when the discomfort has been alleviated.  Repeat the same procedure after finding other sore spots.  Start from the top of the head, behind the ears and all over the neck.  Other areas to focus on are the hands, feet, pubic bone, and lower back.  After balancing three or four points, rest with the Acu-Pulsor® touching lightly over the solar plexus.
Black, 1-2/3?x5/8? with silver chain


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