Hexahedron 999® Mini Unit

MORE THAN JUST A WATER STRUCTURING DEVICE – the Hexahedron 999® has NINE Specific Principles of Operation that can be broken down into THREE specific results – the generation of Biophotons, Resonance, and Structure in the water.  This is achieved by three distinct processes: Mechanical Function, Refraction, and Induction – all of which result in a perpetual sequence of Action, Reaction, and Interaction.

This Hexagedron 999® Mini Unit is perfect for portable, shower or garden uses as examples.

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  1. BIOPHOTON WATER – refers to “biological light”  or ultra fine light particles generated within the water
  2. RESONANCE WATER – refers to the frequency generated within the water through harmonic sound waves and/or geometrical resonance waves
  3. STRUCTURED WATER – refers to the manner in which the water molecules organize themselves.  In this case, we are specifically referring to a hexagonal or honeycomb alignment as the result of  increasing the electrical charge of the molecules.



Connection NPT : 1/2 inch
Diameter : 1.25″ (3.2 cm)
Length : 4″ (10.2 cm)
Weight : 0.86 lbs (0.39 Kilo)
Capacity L/hr : 760 
US/GPM : 3.3