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Hexahedron 999® InterMedia Unit

MORE THAN JUST A WATER STRUCTURING DEVICE – the Hexahedron 999® has NINE Specific Principles of Operation that can be broken down into THREE specific results – the generation of Biophotons, Resonance, and Structure in the water.  This is achieved by three distinct processes: Mechanical Function, Refraction, and Induction – all of which result in a perpetual sequence of Action, Reaction, and Interaction.

The Intermedia was designed for small dwellings where all of the plumbing installations are grouped together in one area of the building.

This Hexagedron 999® InterMedia Unit is useful for any location with a 3/4″ pipe.

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  1. BIOPHOTON WATER – refers to “biological light”  or ultra fine light particles generated within the water
  2. RESONANCE WATER – refers to the frequency generated within the water through harmonic sound waves and/or geometrical resonance waves
  3. STRUCTURED WATER – refers to the manner in which the water molecules organize themselves.  In this case, we are specifically referring to a hexagonal or honeycomb alignment as the result of  increasing the electrical charge of the molecules.



Connection NPT : 3/4 inch
Diameter : 1.25″ (3.2 cm)
Length : 8″ (20.3 cm)
Weight : 1.6 lbs (0.726 Kilo)
Capacity L/hr : 2,000
US/GPM : 9