Testing the Quality of Energy in Your Environment

This technique, testing for the spin of the spaces where we live and work, is one of the most valuable pieces of information I have come across in all the years I've been practicing feng shui.

I believe it’s important for all of us to be able to understand that the quality of the energy in our living spaces has a very big influence on quality of life.  There is plenty of scientific research, and empirical experience, which supports this fact.  The more we know about it, the more control we have over increasing that quality.  This article will give you a tool you can use easily to create a healthier living field.


The Spin of Space – What It Is, Why It’s Important, and Getting Your Spins Going In the Right Direction


I have been a Classical Feng Shui consultant for 18 years.  My practice has evolved to include working with electromagnetic field (EMF) issues.  Through the years the information I will present here has been one of the single most useful tools for creating a healthy living environment.  With some practice this information can be put to good use, without much time or effort, and with even less cost.  We all need to know how to determine and understand what kind of influences are present in our environments and what effects they’re having on us.  Testing “Spin” is one of  the most direct, clear and comprehensive methods I know of, and is available to all. In the past two decades there has been a huge increase in the amount of technology we’re all exposing ourselves to.  Classical Compass School Feng Shui used to be an adequate tool for providing much of the improvement most people have needed in their environments, but now, quite often, the single biggest negative influence for most of us is from the appliances, electronic, and digital devices we keep around us and the larger network which “connects” us via cell towers, satellites, etc.  Technology and other sources of disturbance, how to test for their presence and then remedy effects is the focus of this article.*

Part I

What is Spin?

 There is a subtle background energy field which everyone and everything exists in, and the health of this field determines our health.  

“Field health”, or energy quality, can be described as “coherence”, or underlying organization, harmony, a nourishing quality and quantity of energy.

A comparison would be the ocean, or any body of water with living creatures:  if the water is too turbulent (incoherent or chaotic), too polluted, or lacks nutrients, it cannot sustain life.  Creating coherence in this background field is the most fundamental task in Feng Shui, and this is accomplished by having the correct “spin” of the field.  “Spin” means is that when tested with a pendulum, this field causes a pendulum to move in variations on a “spin” movement.  Some physicists say that, rather than anything physical, “units of spin” constitute all matter at a subatomic level.

In Europe and Asia there is a tradition called Geomancy for testing the quality of energy in land before building a structure upon it, to insure that one can take advantage of the most harmonious features; in China this is called Feng Shui, in India Vastu Shastra. 

Coherence is experienced as ease, orderliness, functionality, increasing capability, and support for healthy life processes.”Clockwise” (CW, positive, right-handed or +) spin is generally found in those places in nature where coherence dominates.  Here, one feels balanced, calm, and more energized.     More…

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