Mold Overview & “Moldy” the Movie

Mold in buildings is wide-spread.  A wide range of opinions exists about how important it is to be aware of mold, from “it’s no big deal”, to “this is a life-threatening emergency”.  For many it’s something they’d rather not think about all, much less deal with - understandable because this is a complex and sometimes poorly understood phenomenon.  

Here is an overview about mold and mold-related issues: different types of mold, health concerns, effective and safe remediation, avoidance, and recovery for those affected by a mold-sourced illness. Included is a list of resources you can use to research mold yourself.  The more discernment we have on this topic, the more effective the actions we can take to both eliminate mold exposure and prevent future possible exposure.*

I was recently made aware of the movie Moldy, a documentary by mold survivor Dave Asprey.  Dave was chronically unwell all of his early life, and later found himself at the height of a successful Silicon Valley career ill and increasingly unable to think clearly, in danger of losing his livelihood.  After a long inquiry, he realized that the mold exposure from his childhood as well as a currently moldy living space were robbing him of his health and ability to use his brain.  I recommend watching this as a starting point for appreciating what the issues are and how serious mold exposure can be. You can watch the movie online for about $10. **

Moldy includes several interviews from MDs discussing the many health conditions which can be directly caused by mold exposure. Because there’s such ignorance about mold effects in both the medical profession and the public, the source of these conditions may not be identified correctly and those affected won’t receive appropriate treatment, their symptoms remaining debilitating and chronic.  Here is a typical list of conditions which can be mold exposure-related:

1. Breathing issues
2. Brain fog
3. Cognitive impairment
4. Immune suppression
5. Fatigue
6. Depression
7. Arthritis
8. Digestive problems
9. Poor sleep
10. Inflammation
11. Joint pain
12. Weight gain
Key points stood out for me after watching Moldy:

And, from Lloyd Burrell, electromagnetic field expert and educator from

The presence of elevated EMF exposure levels and Wifi in a building both increases mold’s rate of growth, and encourages mutations of the mold into forms which may be more toxic.

Confusion about whether or not mold is a big concern comes in part from these factors:

If you want to see if you have been affected by mold exposure, you can take the Visual Contrast Sensitivity (VCS) test. This is a medically diagnostic test that uses the eye’s ability to detect contrast, something that is reduced with mold exposure.  The test is free and you can take it from your computer.
My conviction after investigating this topic is that it would be better to err on the side of caution than to risk serious health consequences from exposure to environmental mold.  Even “mild” cognitive impairment, or chronic sinus infections, could indicate a meaningful long-term risk to health, given that effects from all health stressors are accumulative.  What if a child’s behavioral issues are in large part because there is mold in his home or school and his/her particular brain is affected in ways that make it difficult for the child to be focused and calm?  No amount of medication will resolve that.
Below is a list of various types of resources you can use to investigate different aspects of mold effects, remediation and recovery. 
The more we really take in and consider the implications of wide-spread mold issues, the more choices we will have over environmental and personal health for ourselves and our loved ones.
I am not advocating any particular approach to this other than being informed; however, if you do choose to work with anyone in your environment or for your health, “buyer beware”, make sure they have a lot of experience and history of success.  Those trained in Baubiologie understand how to safely correct properties affected by all sorts of environmental hazards, including mold.  Mold removal from a property, like removing mercury fillings, has to be done with great care to be effective and to protect the residents from further exposure in the remediation process.
Documentary about mold in environment and health effects

Understanding what creates conditions for mold to grow, from a Baubiologist

Find a Baubiologie Expert in your area
Information about the role of mold in multi system illness
Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker
A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance
Compiled list of more environmental and health resources for mold exposure

  *  I am not a mold specialist nor a medical practitioner.  Information provided for educational purposes only.  I include mold awareness information as part of the Feng Shui practice of creating safe and healthy environments.

** I have no business affiliation with Dave Asprey, the movie Moldy, or any other professional or service mentioned in this article.  Recommendations are for education only, and everyone is encouraged to investigate widely.


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