How Reducing the Metal in Your Bedroom May Help You Rest

Sleep is central to health and balance in every part of life. There are many ways to use Feng Shui to improve sleep quality, but it's worth paying attention to one particular way to improve your sleep environment which is usually missed:  removing items made from metal from the bedroom.

Metal is not inherently a problem.  In fact it is often used as one of the balancing Five Element Remedies for Compass School Feng Shui recommendations.  However, it is a conductor for ambient electrical waves and also resonates with vibrational patterns in the environment – such as residual energies from our emotional states – whether they are healthy or not.

Most of us have a fair amount of technology surrounding us; each particular source of electromagnetic or radio frequency signals is emitting a wave pattern for some distance beyond the source.  Metal, such as lamp poles, art objects, metal bed frames and springs in the bed, head- and foot-boards made of metal, etc., can each amplify the energetic distortion in an environment, agitating and robbing you of needed rest.  The bodies of living things – humans, animals, and plants – are very sensitive to electrical and magnetic frequencies because bodies are all electrically conductive. External electrical signals can interrupt normal internal signals within our brains, nervous systems, and muscles

A client of mine called one evening in a lot of distress, concerned about possible effects from a meter on her home.  She felt very agitated and unable to calm down.  I knew that in the short run if there were any issues from her meter, there was little we could do about the meter directly just then.  She was talking to me from a phone in her bedroom, and so I inquired about the possibility of removing items made of metal from the room as a way of reducing anything that could be amplifying an inharmonious field from something transmitting at a distance.  The electrical cords from lamps, etc. also have electrical fields emanating several feet around and beyond the cord, and are a hazard in themselves. She removed some metal lamps and unplugged a few things in the room that had the chunky transformer plugs (transformers on phones, and various devices emit a strong electrical field even if nothing is plugged into them, such as a cell phone charger when not in use), and soon reported that she felt noticeably better.

Here are some simple suggestions for improvement your bedroom to help deeper rest and relaxation:

1) Remove,  or switch off and unplug, all the electronics you can during sleep or when not in use. Unplugging is best, or as with clocks, replacing with something battery operated.  This includes removing cordless phones from the room and not using your cell phone for an alarm clock. 

By switch off, I really mean turn all the way off!  Anything which is passively “on”, such as a laptop in sleep mode, or a flatscreen TV which can respond to a remote control, is not entirely off until switched off and unplugged.  Anything with a chunky transformer plug, such as a cell phone charger, can be unplugged from the wall during sleep.  This is a crucial step to improving the environment where you sleep

2) Remove any furnishing items made of metal and replace with the natural material of wood; synthetic materials can also work, but are not ideal because many synthetic materials outgas toxic gases indefinitely, adding to our overall toxic load.

3) The metal objects holding and transmitting charge which cannot be removed or replaced easily, such as built-in fixtures or metal bed frame, can be neutralized with Pulsor® Section Cards or other Pulsor® items affixed directly to the metal, and this will convert the distorted “dirty energy” to coherent waveforms or neutralize the effect of the electric field.  (See Pulsor® Product Info here.)

4) Take off any jewelry you are wearing because even small amounts of metal when worn are conducting directly through your skin.  Metal and crystals such as precious stones, can hold energetic patterns and conduct energetically, so the longer something is worn, the greater the effect in that part of the body. Earrings in the ears are in a part of the body dense with acupuncture points and therefore have the potential for affecting the body in a much larger way.

5) Check the rooms on the other sides of your bedroom walls for anything there which you are able to unplug during sleep, because the frequencies will travel either thru the walls, or along the electrical circuits in the walls. Appliances that can’t be disconnected, such as refrigerators, can also be neutralized with Pulsor® equipment.

6) Consider replacing mattresses containing metal springs with mattresses constructed with the most natural inert materials available.  Replacing with memory foam, for instance, introduces the risk of chemical outgassing from the synthetic materials.  

This is a bigger investment in time and money to do, but if your bedding is making you unwell in any way, it is well worth it.  Websearches for either non-toxic mattresses, or consulting with someone trained in creating non-toxic environments such as a Building Biologist (or Bau Biology) practitioner will provide good resources.

7) When the season of the year allows it, opening windows to let in fresh air can increase the amount of negative ions in the air. Electrical equipment, synthetic materials such as most carpeting and upholstery, and a lot of bedding which is treated with flame-retardant chemicals, all put positive ions into the air. Positive ions are associated with tension, inability to focus, irritability, breathing issues, and a general reduction of health and vitality. Increasing negative ions greatly improves the vitality of the air to support overall rest and regeneration.

Any reduction in active electronics and conducting metal in the bedroom will help you rest more deeply.  Our bodies are designed to use the natural rhythms of nature to trigger and reinforce our own circadian rhythms.  Eliminating interfering man-made rhythms allows our bodies to reconnect back to the rhythms of the planet.