JOY at the Center of Your Home

What I've observed after working with many different homes is that the feeling of what is placed at the center, or how the center area is treated, sends out a ripple effect to the rest of the entire home. 

The center of a home is a special place. 

This feeling, and energy quality, at the center can set a tone for everything else, whether the center of your home is a bookshelf, a closet, a bathroom, a hallway, a stairwell, or any other feature.
Several years ago I did an experiment using this principle in the homes of several of my clients, over a six week period.  Each person chose something personal which gave them the immediate experience of a feeling they wanted more of in their lives.  Some also chose something which added to their sense of purpose in life.  The majority of them reported an increase of a sense of well-being and connection to what was meaningful and joyful to them.
Finding the center point of a building is simple. 
You’ll need a floorplan that is accurate to the scale of the building (if you don’t already have this, you can create your own with graph paper, and a 25′ measuring tape) – it is important that it’s accurate. 

 If the building is rectangular, simply draw lines from opposite corners across the middle of the rectangle, and where the lines intersect is the center. If your home has an irregular shape, create a small scale drawing of the building using graph paper, approximately small enough to fit on an index card.  Now, cut out the shape of the building.  After you’ve cut it out, balance the shape on the tip of a pencil, and mark the spot.  Voila, this is the “center”.

To increase the sense of Joy and well being in the entire home, you can do two things:

make sure that whatever is at or near this spot is clean, uncluttered, functional… in short, as beautifully taken care of as possible.  

Second, put some kind of imagery or object at or near this spot which gives you whatever kind of wonderful feeling you’d like to anchor into your life.  It could be a photo, piece of art, a memento of a special occasion, a vase of flowers, etc.  What you pick will be determined by what is special to you, and also what is practical in that location.  You can always pick something different at a later time depending on what your needs and preferences are.  It doesn’t have to be big, and it may not stand out to anyone but you, but you will know it’s there.  Every time you pass by this area and experience that good inner feeling, it will become more present in your life.