List of Resources for Burnout Detox and Lloyd Burrell/Electrosense Interviews of Holland Franklin, Feng Shui Consultant, Pulsor® Sales, Structured Water Units Sales, etc.

Useful information:

Website for Holland Franklin, Feng Shui consultant. Pulsor®, Structured Water Unit sales, etc. Info about EMF, Compass School Feng Shui, Structured Water, purchasing conventional tools and info guides for EMF protection and remediation, many Articles about different aspects of traditional and technical ways of testing and balancing properties and personal health. Contact me at

How structured water helps protect against EMF damage

How to test for Energy Quality in your environment using a pendulum Includes instruction on how to use a pendulum properly

Graphic of the correct directions of spin for men and women’s bodies

How Pulsors® work – the Scalar Field

BioGeometry – info, books, tools, trainings – articles, research and books Back to a Future for Mankind BioSignatures, Dr. Ibrahim Karim;

Be Boddhi Inc. – for BioGeometry info and products in the U.S.

Building Biology – free videos and information about EMF and how Building Biology works, plus how to contact a Building Biologist closest to you, trainings
BauBiologie/Building Biology in Europe

BioInitiative Report containing many medical and scientific studies showing effects of EMF/RF

Good info about 5G – EMF Safety Network in No. California Has studies, extensive information about Smart Meters, etc.; Current info about 5G article by Dr. Martin Pall, who discovered “voltage gated calcium channels” (see article about Structured Water and Cell Phones for more on this).

Information about Electrohypersensitivity

Recover from Electrohypersensitivity, Chemical Sensitivity, and other “Limbic System” injuries of the brain This is the work of Annie Hopper, providing info, in person trainings and DVDs.

EMF Protection and Balancing Products, Geopathic Stress Info & tools, etc.

Buy Pulsors Used for EMF protection on the body and in environments, cars; recovery from EMF and more via personal balancing of the bioenergy fields. Can also be used to relieve geopathic stress. Book The Miracle of Microcrystals, by Dr. George Yao has info and balancing techniques.

Buy BioGeometry tools and books,

Buy Router Guards and Smart Meter Guards Router Guards and Guards for all types of Smart Meters, and can be custom designed for atypical types.

Buy Structured Water Units

GeoResonators for general geopathic stress

Guide by Richard F. Bryant for detecting geopathic stress and creating your own geopathic correction “rods”:

Conventional EMF testing, information, shielding, products, etc. Less EMF, and Lloyd Burrell’s Electric Sense meters and info: Less EMF –, Electric Sense –, Safe Living Technologies –

More Books:

Exposed The Electronic Sickening of America, by Bill Cadwallader – Much info about EMF/RF and your health, lists for working with eliminating, reducing, and repairing the EMF/RF sources around us; Wired for Healing, by Annie Hopper – How “limbic system brain injury sets us up for electosensitivity, chemical sensitivity and other conditions, and how the neuroplasticity of the brain allows us to heal; The Complete Feng Shui Health Handbook, Wilhelm Gerstung & Jens Mehlhase – extensive information for detecting and working with “geopathic stress”, and other Feng Shui topics

Helpful products for general health, helpful for EHS:

ASEA – Many people find the redox signaling molecules in ASEA products helps them rest, repair, and recover from EMF stress, myself included. Redox molecules in this product are identical to what our bodies make, and are essential for cellular repair.

Topical magnesium – Magnesium is involved in most biological processes in our bodies and is used up also by stress of any kind. Most people are deficient in this essential mineral. The topical form absorbs better for many, because it does not go through the digestive process; can also be “targeted” for painful areas in the body. This is the best, most easy to use product I’ve found.

BioSuperfood – BioSuperfood is composed of four superfood algae, created by a Russian scientist. Helps also to reset the hypothalamus in the brain to properly direct physiological processes. Grown in pure water in Northern Russia, no heavy metals.

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