How Pulsors® Work

Electromagnetic Fields
The invisible Cause of Disease

Maintaining one’s health in a sea of invisible energetic discord

With every passing year the ecological state of the environment rapidly worsens. An overwhelming number of studies have proven that ElectroMagnetic Fields, though invisible, are indeed harmful and, now, count as one of the factors most injurious to health.  The  biological reactions to these fields are numerous, ranging from everyday maladies such as  insomnia, headaches, migraines, general fatigue, depression, tinnitus and allergies to profound  debility or even severe illness.

Broad-based scientific studies have found evidence that the formation of tumors and leukemia may be traced to EM Fields. Even people who seemingly do not feel anything are impacted,  since EMF interferes with the bioelectric fields of every human being. The central nervous system is attacked/disrupted, the cell metabolism is affected and  organ failure can result. This  means illness is aided, wellness prevented.

A 2004 study investigating the effects of radiation on animal and human cells in a laboratory, the “Reflex study,” which was conducted by the EU, confirmed that even the weakest electric and electromagnetic fields have a biological impact. Breaks in DNA chains were detected in specimens exposed to electric fields with strengths one hundred thousand-fold  below the currently established thresholds. Ref:  (

In Switzerland, 400,000 citizens, almost 6% of the population, describe themselves as suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (BUWAL study). Upon closer examination, the results show that the dangers of EMF are much greater than the industries responsible for creating these fields, as well as governmental agencies, would like us to believe.

Today, there already are a large number of organizations and associations in existence which offer counseling to people suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity. In Switzerland, people looking for help can find guidance from the group Doctors for the Environment (Ärzte für die Umwelt) or from a few specialized physicians. One can also find help and advice at the Center for Vital Energetics Menznau/LU (Zentrum für Vitalenergetik Menznau/LU) (email:, which has been active in this field for over 15 years. The center has been able to help many people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity.).

What Kind of Radiation Can Harm us in This Way?

Electromagnetic waves are transverse waves. They consist of coupled electric and magnetic fields. When an EM-wave propagates, the respective field vectors oscillate perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer. They are verifiable via physical measuring instruments and are measured in Hertz-frequencies, and are the basis of today’s entire high frequency technology. However, these Hertz-waves also contain another kind of wave, which was discovered as early as1890 by Nikola Tesla in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, and are named after him (Tesla-waves). In quantum physics these waves are also called longitudinal waves or scalar waves.

Tesla-waves always co-exist with Hertz-waves. While Hertz-waves spread from the origin in a circular shape, the longitudinal waves, which are familiar from the study of sound, spread as an impulse or compression wave in a longitudinal direction. They are very different from the transverse waves, the Hertz-waves, and follow different laws.  They can be modulated in frequency as well as in wavelength, meaning information is transferred in much higher volume and much more quickly.

As we know, nature always seeks to work with the optimal method, i.e. not with Hertz waves, but with longtudinal waves. They are utilized as the mechanism of communication needed by the body to manage the vast amount of information and data to which it is exposed. In the body, nothing occurs without information and energy transfer, whether cell division, healing processes or brain or neuronal activity.

Our body’s biological radiation is identical with Tesla radiation. Our cells and our brain communicate via Tesla waves. Therefore, one can understand that the body’s communication and control system would be severely impacted if this transfer mechanism were impaired, resulting in errors in cell division, protein synthesis, etc.

Due to the increasing electromagnetic overload of our environment, the cells in our organism are continually inundated with EM signals of varying intensity. This electromagnetic “noise” overpowers the cell’s bio-photon field and leads to errors in the harmonious functioning of the body.

If the influence of these fields is of short duration and low magnitude the cell is able to repair the error. If, however, the exposure is of longer duration, the internal cell repair mechanism fatigues and malfunction occurs. Only 2 hours of exposure/day with high frequency fields in the range of commercially available mobile phones verifiably leads to irreparable DNA-breaks, even when readings are one-hundred-thousand-fold below the so-called  acceptable thresholds. (Reflex study of the Freie Universität Berlin).

Unfortunately, our conventional physical measuring instruments are unable to measure these health-damaging radiation intensities directly. These are, as previously mentioned, biologically effective waves, which follow completely different laws than the usual Hertz-waves. This radiation is also called “non-thermal radiation.” Hertz-waves have a warming effect, biological waves do not. They transport information to the cell, into the tissues and the organs.

How Can We Prove the Existence of This Harmful Radiation?

It can be assumed that wherever electromagnetic fields can be measured with conventional instruments, biologically effective longitudinal waves are also present. (Where there is smoke, there is fire.) In light of this, it is legitimate to work with currently available measuring instruments. They are an indicator of the existence of these other biologically effective waveforms.

To those lacking the understanding of this fundamental relationship, measurements produced by conventional test apparatus will continue to be dismissed as evidence despite the fact that the damage to health can and does occur even when measured results are below the conventionally established safety thresholds. The currently established “safe” levels of electromagnetic radiation, which are anything but safe, lead to the wrong conclusions and provide a false sense of security.

Shielding devices based on the Faraday principle also lead to a false sense of security.  Scientific experiments have proven that longitudinal waves cannot be shielded against (see Prof. Konstantin Meyl; Elektromagnetische Umweltverträglichkeit. Ursachen, Phänomene und naturwissenschaftliche Konsequenz. Electromagnetic environmental impact.  Causes, phenomena and scientific consistency). One can, however, change their internal oscillation pattern, as we will see later.

Currently, longitudinal waves are only verifiable by biologically-referenced test methods such as electro-acupuncture, bio-resonance procedures, skin resistance measurements, bio-photon measurements (Prof. Popp, Bio Photon Institute Neuss) and kinesiology. Plant growth experiments also show the effects of longitudinal waves. These tests can be reconstructed by anyone. (Please request method and results separately.)

Since longitudinal waves have not been measurable with conventional physical instruments, it is understandable why many complex scientific studies have, seemingly, been unable to correlate negative biological effects with electromagnetic waves. However, people are getting sick from mobile communication, radar and transmitters, etc., all the same. These longitudinal waves absorb the pathogenic, quasi-poisonous components of the Hertz-waves and transport them into the biological system of the human, animal or plant.

Based on conventional physical conclusions, there seems to be no way out of this calamity.  Modern means of telecommunication and transport are unthinkable without these artificially generated EM-fields. Modern industry can no longer function without data transmission.  But, does this mean we must accept all risks?

Understanding EMF

A Solution?

Comprehensive scientific research in the United States by Dr. G. T. F. Yao, Col. Tom Bearden, and T. J. Constable, proved as early as the 1980’s, that it is possible to achieve “decontamination” of the pathogenic components of electromagnetic fields. In similar fashion, Russian investigators at the Energetic Institute, Moscow developed therapy approaches under the umbrella of quantum physics, which are used worldwide today.

Based on this knowledge, devices were developed that were able to balance the intrinsic interference patterns which result in electromagnetic pollution. These environmental treatment concepts are currently being successfully implemented in the U.S. and Japan as well as several European countries. These remedial approaches are applicable for all houses and apartments and businesses, and being utilized to maintain the well being of humans, animals and plants, as well.

In California, Dr. George T. F. Yao conducted comprehensive research and developed a new therapeutic system that enjoys worldwide recognition within the field of energetic and information medicine. This system has been implemented successfully in thousands of cases over the past three decades.

Dr. Yao was a biophysicist and naturopath and for many years worked for NASA as a scientific contributor. As a native of China, he possessed a deep understanding of traditional concepts that he was able to integrate into the implementation of his technical understanding of energetic fields. His methods are used to treat and harmonize not only the body, but the environment as well. This knowledge is embodied in the bio-transmitter devices called Pulsors®. (Please request further info, if interested.)

How do Pulsors® work?

The fundamental purpose of Pulsor is twofold: to restore and maintain the natural balance of the human energy fields, and to maintain the harmonious flow of energy within objects and the environment.

Pulsors are available in various forms. Some, created for protection, are designed to wear as a pendant or carry in a pocket, while others are meant to condition appliances or a building’s entire electrical circuit. Still others serve a therapeutic function when utilized according to established techniques of Pulsor balancing, something easily learned by anyone.

The Pulsor consists of millions of specially designed and processed microcrystals. They are not common quartz crystals, but are comprised of a unique proprietary crystalline matrix. These microcrystals constitute a dynamic energy cell with a multitude of quasi-electronic circuits acting as traps and wave filters of various frequencies of the vortex energy system. They are sensitive to an extremely wide range of environmental frequencies.

Interaction with the body’s pulsating bio-energetic waves causes the Pulsor crystals to organize in various grid patterns and circuit configurations which then exert a balancing influence upon the energy field being conditioned.

Due to their unique properties, crystals have been used in electronic devices i.e. radio and television transmitters and receivers, for frequency centering for many years. Similarly, the body’s energy centers,(link to body chart) or chakras, are energy wave broadcasters and receivers, and the highly refined Pulsor Microcrystal Technology can be utilized to establish and maintain the user’s personal energetic integrity.

Pulsor Protectors are passive devices, energized by contact with existing energy fields and require no external source of energy. Once activated by coming into relationship with an electromagnetic field, the Pulsor sets up a corrective resonance, thereby restoring coherence, harmony and balance. When Pulsor detects harmful waves in the environment, it transmutes that energy and returns it to the source without allowing it to affect the person or area under Pulsor protection. Pulsor microcrystal technology is able to change and amplify the vibrational state of people, places and things.

The umbrella of beneficial energy created by Pulsor protects against electrical and electromagnetic pollution as well as other energies and vibrations that are detrimental to a balanced, healthy life. This frees our system from the burden of keeping distorting energies at bay, thus allowing our internal energy to be utilized as it was meant – for personal development, creativity and healing.

Pulsors® are able to alter the disharmonious oscillating patterns and information in the non-thermal range from electric and electronic sources and return the purified “scalar wave fields” into the environment. After 5 days to 3 weeks the harmonious field extends far beyond the actual building.

We are able to utilize the electric lines and to make use of the cables embedded in walls as practical “tools” for this effect. The wiring, which was previously broadcasting the disruptive components of the Hertz fields, is converted to a source of a now-biocompatible, harmonious field. Thus, one can harmonize the work and living environment by relatively simple means and eliminate the influence of degenerative components of electromagnetic fields, i.e., transform these fields into energy which is supportive, or “positive,” for the human system. The same application can also provide a correction for the negative effects of most geopathic zones, including water veins and mineral deposits.

The harmonized living and work environments offer a new quality-of-life to human beings.  The symptoms caused by Electromagnetic Pollution usually disappear within 5 to 7 days. It is possible, however, that so-called “healing crises,” as understood in homeopathy, can occur due to the inhabitants previous long-term immersion in the disruptive environment.  Furthermore, the harmonious “living and work island” provides a decrease in emotional and mental stress, according to many users. Even neighbors can experience the benefits.  The application of this technology in the fields of agriculture and animal care has shown remarkable effects, as well.

[In Europe] The Zentrum fur Vitalenergetik now offers a complete system for neutralization and harmonization of buildings, apartments, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. In Switzerland and other European countries there are trained Environmental Practitioners who can identify the contaminated areas and change the negative energy fields via use of the Pulsor® biotransmitters.  Today, a therapeutic, holistic energy medicine treatment by the Zentrum fur Vitalenergetik or specialized physicians almost always goes hand-in-hand with harmonization of the living and work environment.

Businesses which have implemented this type of energetic harmonization show improved financial results and greater employee satisfaction; an added value of the process – leading to an increase in motivation, creativity and higher quality of work!

Additionally the Zentrum fur Vitalenergetik offers seminars and workshops where each participant can learn this proven method of energetic harmonization.

* Originally published in the Swiss Journal Umweltjournal, February 2009

This English version edited by Marvin Steindler of Energy Integrity Associates.


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