Creating Harmony in the Surround of Your Environment

In this current technological age, the application of Feng Shui requires both traditional and technological methods to create a harmonious home or work space.

The purpose of this blended approach is to do two basic things: decrease the negative and increase the positive. 

An important goal is to remove what is harmful, but we also need to bring back and increase what is beneficial to us as well, those energies our bodies require from nature to be well and happy.

Traditionally, the Compass School Feng Shui approach I’ve always applied to my Feng Shui practice, which includes attention to geopathic stress from underground water, etc., was all that was necessary to balance a property for health, wealth, and thriving relationships. Modern technology changed all that, adding in an unnatural electromagnetic component which, while it’s hugely convenient to have electricity, wifi, and other modern tools at our fingertips, creates significant risks through exposure to high electromagnetic and radio frequency fields. Our bodies are enormously resilient and can withstand a lot of abnormal energies, but over time our weakest points can be stressed into pathology through constant exposure.

How do we arrive at a balanced living or working place? There are many elements which contribute to the energetic weave in a building: the underlying Feng Shui dynamics (from the year a building is built and it’s compass orientation), architecture and materials, geopathic stress, subtle fields remaining from past events or from the earth’s strata, electrical, magnetic, dirty electricity, and radio frequency fields.

The Traditional Approach

Traditional Feng Shui includes an assessment which details exactly what the underlying energetics are which were put in place when the building was built. The eight directional areas plus the center area comprise nine areas total in every property, each with their own specific of positives and negatives, and each requiring a tailored approach to bring out the positive and reduce the negative. Remedies are designed according to chi flow and Five Element (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood) balance required by each separate area, as well as improvements to the external details which may affect the interior. 

Subtle Energy Testing and Remedies.

Ideally, the field of energy one lives in should have a “clockwise” or right-handed spin when tested with a pendulum. One of the characteristics of energy is that it is directional, producing movement to the right, the left or in a straight line. On properties, only the clockwise spin, which moves energy towards coherent physical manifestation, has the property of enhancing life, while the two indicate that there is something causing a breakdown of organized physical life, moving energy from physical manifestation back into pure energy. 

Dowsing is an important tool for locating other useful or detrimental areas in a property, which create different layers of factors to be utilized for increased harmony. Geopathic stress can be detected through dowsing methods, and suitable corrections are provided for an increase in healthy energy in what could otherwise be quite detrimental. 

Dowsing can detect energies from any source, whether fundamental earth energies involved in geopathic stress, or the higher EMF/RF fields associated with technology. It is important to identify every area with issues, especially any areas where we spend a lot of time such as sleep areas, children’s play areas, entrances, couches where one sits to watch TV or read, and work spaces.

Testing for EMF with Meters and Conventional EMF/RF Corrections

While Dowsing can detect issues regardless of the type of source, other than a trial and error process, it can’t always fully identify where a disturbance is coming from, because in any given area there may be multiple sources of discord, such as wifi, other electronics, geopathic stress, RF utility meters, issues from wiring in circuits, solar panels, sources from outside the home, even residual etheric energies which persist from past events, etc. This is where it becomes important to use the skills of testing with meters:  each kind of discord requires a different approach to harmonize it – if you don’t know what you’re working with in detail, you can’t sort out the best remedy, whether traditional energetic or modern remediation and avoidance. 

Meters can differentiate the different fields – electrical, magnetic, dirty electricity, and radio frequency – from each other, and then come up with an action plan to eliminate any EMF hazards. It is quite common to have issues with wiring in the circuits, appliances generating magnetic fields, electronics creating all four types, and so on, so even assessing an environment with meters can be an exacting task. Fortunately, many of the corrections needed for EMF issues are simple and often inexpensive.

For each source of disturbance that is eliminated, the ‘field’ becomes more simple, and it’s easier and easier to identify and deal with what remains. Every time something is corrected, or something beneficial added, more energy is available for one’s overall well-being. Even before reaching the goal of a fully healthy environment, benefits are experienced with each correction.

Blending the Subtle with Conventional Methods of Testing and Harmonizing an Environment.

Both subtle testing and remedies, and conventional testing with meters and correcting the physical EMF/RF environment produce great results when used all by itself. Utilizing both achieves the maximum results, because each method can accomplish something the other can’t. Typically, practitioners have a bias more towards one than the other, but my experience for over 20 years and especially today says that both are extremely important. Some of this is purely practical: budget, knowledge, and how much ability one has to change things all dictate what methods are used. 

For instance, a renter may not be able to make corrections to the electrical circuits in the walls, but subtle tools such as the Pulsor® Vortex Energy Filters®, can be used which will create much more harmony in the field, without having to disturb the wiring in the walls, and it is far less expensive. In my own personal journey with Feng Shui plus EMF safety, most of my ability to make corrections was through the subtle means, and that was enormously helpful. 

Another example comes from bringing structured water onto properties to increase the amount of coherent life energy that’s available there. Conventional corrections remove harm, and doing that helps make the natural resonances which were interrupted by the EMF disturbances available once more. The conventional corrections won’t increase the amount of life energy that’s present on a property, however, and this is valuable even if there are relatively few issues to deal with. More vitality always feels wonderful and supports more ease. Both Pulsor® products and BioGeometry tools can provide this increased and enhance quality level on properties as well.

With either the subtle tools or the conventional means, education is so important to become oriented to what is needed, what works, and what help is available. [Please see the Interview Resources page on this website for a list of many resources for both kinds of approaches.] This is something that we all need to understand now, both because there is more harmful influence than ever coming from our technology, a wide selection of subtle tools and gadgets which may or may not be helpful, and there is also much more understanding and professional help available than ever before. Proper understanding of what a healthy energetic field is and how to achieve it will help one to be able to think through what’s important to fix and create in one’s own home or workplace. The reward for journeying through the learning curve is more peace of mind, and greater physical, emotional, and mental health with every improvement made.

This website is designed to provide Feng Shui services, Structured Water Units, Pulsor® EMF Balancing, and other products, plus articles and other information to help to inform you about the many ways your environment affects you, and the many ways you can continuously create a harmonious, energized place to live and work that perfectly suits the unique individual that you are!

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