Garden Hose Dilemma: Structured Water to the Rescue

Structuring water is one of the very best influences that can be brought to a property. It provides healthy water for people, pets and plants, and also helps the upkeep of the property overall.

De-calcifying a Stuck Garden Faucet

One of the many practical properties of structured water is that it prevents the abundant calcium in water from plating to itself. We’ve all seen calcium deposits inside pipes and on surfaces of shower wall, faucets, and insides of appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, where it will obstruct water flow, and gum up and corrode surfaces.

Hexagedron 999 Structuring Water Mini Unit
Hexahedron 999© Mini Garden Unit

Water that has been “de-structured” by flowing through over 300′ of straight pipe, or subjected to electrical current (municipal treatment plants, reverse osmosis or other drinking water systems, placement of incoming water pipes next to electric lines in buildings), is no longer living water and loses this ability to keep the calcium from adhering.

Here’s a recent story using a Structured Water Portable Unit to solve an outdoor plumbing problem involving calcium plated to an outdoor faucet.

The Problem

A garden faucet on the side of a residential house was connected to a hose thru a shorter section of a different hose connecting to a hose reel in an enclosure. A problem arose when the end of the short hose corroded and broke off of the hose reel, effectively detaching the main hose from the water source. The main issue, however, was at the other end of the short hose: it had been attached to the faucet on the side of the house by screwing on to a “goose neck” pipe, a short angled piece of hardware screwed on to the outdoor faucet because the faucet had been mounted so low on the wall that there was not enough clearance under it for a standard hose to screw on.  Over time the goose neck was practically fused by plated calcium at both ends to both faucet and short hose, making it impossible to detach the short hose from it and screw on the main garden hose.

What to do?

What Didn’t Work

1)  Applying Liquid Wrench:  Liquid Wrench is applied via a narrow tube, spraying a liquid solvent into the gap between the outer and inner threaded parts of the screwed on hose and the faucet. The angle of the goose neck on the hose end together with the amount of calcium that had accumulated all around the junction of the two, made using Liquid Wrench all but impossible to get the solvent where it needed to go in order to start breaking up the calcium.  No help there. The faucet end had a good angle for the Liquid Wrench to flow down between the threadings, but so much calcium there wasn’t much access to spray the product into anyway.

1)  Helpful Muscular Neighbor with Serious Tools:  Burly neighbor then arrives, armed with two giant channel lock wrenches heavy enough to become a part of an overall fitness program; one to stabilize the pipe and one to unscrew the threaded rings. Surely brute force will cause this thing to budge! But, after a few attempts still no headway.

Serious Tools

Structured Water to the Rescue

Remembering that structured water will stop calcium from plating to itself, a plan was hatched to somehow soak the goose neck piece in structured water to free up both ends. The pipe was very awkwardly placed, so close to the ground (maybe 1/3” clearance) that it wasn’t possible to get a deeper container up under it soak the entire thing, so a very shallow tray was placed under the end joining the short hose and the goose neck piece. Water was poured into a portable water structuring Unit, and then covering both ends of the Unit with two hands, the structured water Unit was shaken up and down for about a minute to add even more energy to the structured water than one pass thru the Unit would create. The tray only held enough depth of water to soak the pipe about half way up the height of the gooseneck pipe. The pipe was left in the tray overnight to soak.

Next morning when the pipe was checked, there were lots of small chunks of calcium and incorporated other minerals in the tray, and the top ring (connecting goose neck to faucet) was entirely freed up and the goose neck + hose could be unscrewed from the faucet. 

The interesting thing was that the freed-up part of the goose neck piece wasn’t even in the water, but whatever water was inside the hose and goose neck would have gotten structured as well.

It turned out there was damage preventing the hose end ring from moving freely and unscrewing, but that wasn’t clear until the structured water had removed all the outer plated-on calcium to be able to take a closer look. There was so much calcium that the puncture in the side of the goose-neck wasn’t even visible. The overall corrosion was visible as well, the accumulated damage from the calcium layer.

A new goose neck piece has replaced the old damaged one, and now water for this garden hose is available again.

Freedom from Calcium in House and Garden: One of the Many Benefits of Living Structured Water to Overall Feng Shui

If this house had had structured water flowing through the pipes to begin with, the pipe damage and frozen hose would not have occurred in the first place!

Calcium plating slows water pressure, and clogs shower heads and other small openings for water flow. Calcium can also damage fixtures like indoor faucets so that they’re no longer visually attractive, and they can lose functioning over time if the corrosion goes deep enough.

Besides property value, there’s an energetic resonance that Feng Shui considers as a factor that influences the people in a property with this build-up happening in the pipes: Clogged passageways of any kind can be associated with health conditions involving “stagnation”, or reduced flow because of narrowed openings, in our body’s own “pipes”, such as lymph system issues or blood flow.

Calcium build-up is an issue for our bodies as well as on properties. Otherwise, stagnant energy from reduced flow on a property makes it harder to “flow” easily in the world as well, harder to get going. Whatever is happening around us, in a room or on a property, is present in the resonant energy field which we feel through our extraordinary sensitivity as human beings. When a particular limiting resonance is continuously present around us, that sense of being limited or agitated, becomes a feeling we eventually consider to be “normal” for our experience of life, and we don’t even realize that it is coming from outside of us and can be remedied. 

It is said that the water most of us have available to us is “dead water”, water that has lost its living attributes because of how it has been altered after it leaves its natural setting in the wild. Water that has regained the natural structure inherent in nature is living water. The resonance of “live” water is, then, something we feel and it gives us a feeling of vitality; it makes us feel alive too!  

Structured water can solve practical problems without need for toxic products, or great effort and expense. Structured water can benefit the sale value of a property through maintaining the integrity of pipes, fixtures and surfaces, benefitting all the vegetation in a garden,as well as the hugely important aspect of improving the energy quality on the property when an abundant flow of healthy water is available inside and outside a building. Even the most sophisticated water purification system, though it can remove excess or toxic minerals, can’t bring living water back to a property, but Structured Water Units can.