On a beautiful day in December of 1996, I was walking across a parking lot in Kailua-Kona on the big island of Hawaii, and out of the blue I had a realization that stopped me in my tracks, and changed the course of my work.

Prior to this lovely vacation in paradise, I’d been making my living doing body work, and various kinds of therapeutic healing work, and I was fairly happy doing it.  I felt a great affinity for attending to people’s health, and for the work I’d been doing since 1990.  Then, an epiphany struck in the form of a question:  How could people heal if the work they received from me or any other health practitioner, was undone when they went home to an unhealthy house?  The truth of this seemed suddenly undeniable.

As soon as I returned home to So. California, I enrolled in a Compass School Feng Shui course led by Larry Sang.  I had already received some education in another style Feng Shui, but aside from the information about chi flow, which I felt I’d always known, none of the prior information made a substantial difference in the important areas of my life, so I moved on.  I had always instinctively rearranged furniture and cleaned closets when my life felt stuck, but I had gone as far as my furniture arranging intuition could take me.

Even in my initial learning curve, a Compass School evaluation of my home showed specifically what the attributes of my home were.  Specific health concerns I had had, years I made money and years I didn’t, why my relationship always seemed to be on the verge of evaporating, and so forth.  And the remedies actually made a difference, moving me on to a more satisfying experience of my life. 

Compass School is more specific in its evaluation of a property, incorporating architecture, the birthdates of the occupants, the neighborhood and the lay of the land, a compass reading within two degrees of accuracy, and time – both the year the building was built and the energetics of the current year.  Many of the remedies used are designed to harmonize the subtle five element energies of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

I’ve always tended to trust the gifts along the path which present themselves in the flow of life.  Most of my career has been initially directed by trying to solve my  own personal riddles:  I would ask a question and somehow an answer would come along.  With each answer has come new teachers, new skills, and an integrating of the different areas of inquiry.  With the addition of Compass School Feng Shui, I came to appreciate that each one of us lives in a very particular physical context, and this context can be balanced according to energetic principles to support our lives.  With each personal riddle studied and resolved came the recognition that my individual queries and challenges were really all about human issues which apply to just about everyone.  My personal work gradually converted to an expanded service to others.

Each of us has attracted the homes and offices we live and work in because of underlying purposes that direct our lives.  Balancing a building, beyond helping the three big areas of health, wealth and romance, supports our life purpose of expanding in consciousness and creativity.