Guide to Energy Quality in Your Environment

Testing for "The Spin" of Space - What It Is, Why It's Important, and Getting Yor Spins Going In the Right Direction


I have been a Classical Feng Shui consultant for 24 years. My practice has evolved to include working with electromagnetic field (EMF) issues. Through the years the information I will present here has been one of the single most useful tools for creating a healthy living environment. With some practice, this information can be put to good use, without much time or effort, and with even less cost. We all need to know how to determine and understand what kind of influences are present in our environments and what effects they’re having on us. Testing for “Spin” is one of the most direct, clear and comprehensive methods I know of, and is available to all.

In the past two decades there has been a huge increase in the amount of technology we’re all exposing ourselves to. Classical Compass School Feng Shui used to be an adequate tool for providing much of the improvement most people have needed in their environments, and though it is still very important, quite often, the single biggest negative influence for most of us is from the appliances, electronic, and digital devices we keep around us and the larger network which “connects” us via cell towers, satellites, etc. Technology and other sources of disturbance, how to test for their presence and then remedy effects is the focus of this article.*

Part I. What is Spin?

There is a subtle background energy field which everyone and everything exists in, and the health of this field determines our health. “Field health”, or energy quality, can be described as “coherence”, or underlying organization, harmony, a nourishing quality and quantity of energy. A comparison would be the ocean or any body of water with living creatures: if the water is too turbulent (incoherent or chaotic), too polluted, or lacks nutrients, it cannot sustain life. Creating coherence in this background field is the most fundamental task in Feng Shui, and this is accomplished by having the correct “spin” of the field. “Spin” means is that when tested with a pendulum, this field causes a pendulum to move in variations on a “spin” movement. Coherence = quality. Some physicists say that, rather than anything physical, “units of spin” constitute all matter at a subatomic level.

In Europe and Asia there is a tradition called Geomancy for testing the quality of energy in land before building a structure upon it, to insure that one can take advantage of the most harmonious features; in China this is called Feng Shui, in India Vastu Shastra.

Coherence is experienced as ease, orderliness, functionality, increasing capability, and support for healthy life processes.”Clockwise” (CW, positive, right-handed or +) spin is generally found in those places in nature where coherence dominates. Here, one feels balanced, calm, and more energized.

There are geopathic features in nature which can produce a counterclockwise spin, such as certain rock strata, underground water, ley lines, caverns, or man-made items such as pipes, septic tanks, or buried toxins. “Counterclockwise” (CCW, negative, left-handed or -) spin can be produced by other sources as well, most notably, electromagnetic or radio frequency fields from faulty wiring, electronic and other devices, and cellular devices. Synthetic materials also tend to have a negative polarity. Prior difficult events in an area can also leave a negative etheric imprint, which will affect the direction of energy spin. “Negative” is meant in the sense of polarity, like the negative pole of a magnet.

This field, more subtle than the electromagnetic field, has been called the Vortex Energy or Scalar Field, and it literally has spin, which can shown by testing with a pendulum. When tested, ideally, the spin will be a relaxed, steady, clockwise spin, indicating the harmonious state called “coherence”. Anything other than that kind of spinning motion indicates some kind of dissonance, also called noise or interference, which has interrupted the coherence. Variations found in the spin direction are: clockwise, counterclockwise, back and forth, changing from one direction to another, a very heightened spin, a weak spin or virtually no spin at all.

Why is Spin Important?

Areas with moderate, steady clockwise spin have been found to support physical health, harmonious emotional states, and mental clarity.  Clockwise is the “direction of evolution”, meaning that there is a constant tendency for improvement.  Why?  Like the sky being blue, it’s just this way that in any given spot there’s a trend towards improvement or towards disfunction.  Coherence is also experienced as deeper ability to rest during sleep, easier organization of thinking, or organization of physical places and processes, creative thinking, resolution of issues rather than conflict or stagnation, innovation, and so forth.  Whatever is taking place, or whoever is  in the part of a building with a clockwise spin in the background vortex field, will be supported towards greater well-being and improvement.  Coherence = harmony.

 In contrast, areas with counterclockwise, or other than clockwise movements of the pendulum, are weakening,  unharmonious, trending towards greater chaos and conflict rather than harmony, mentally confusing and dulling, emotionally flat, conflicted, agitated, anxious, or over-stimulating such that one cannot naturally relax, center, and integrate experience.  Sleep is more difficult and less restorative.  Even food in the negative EMF environment of most refrigerators will spoil more quickly.  It’s easier to get sick and harder to heal.  These are the patterns of stress.  Incoherence = stress.

I’ve been testing the spin in properties for over 15 years now, and I’ve repeatedly how living in space with a clockwise spin is inherently easier, and living in a counterclockwise, chaotic, over-stimulated or weak field produces loss of a sense of well being, creativity, harmony and productivity in all areas of life.  Those with more sensitive or weakened personal energy will feel the effects sooner, but even a young, robust person will feel the effects over time from cumulative influence, because it takes an expenditure of personal energy to make up for what is lacking around one.  The correct background spin is important like pure water and clean air are important.  One can improve a property in multiple other ways, but if the spin is not right, the quality of life is not what it could be and people, animals and plants will suffer.

Typically, most homes and other buildings have a mix of areas with correct spin, and areas without.  The idea is to correct as much as possible all the areas with an inharmonious spin, but to pay special attention to the places where one spends the most time:  sleeping areas are very important, chairs we sit in for hours to work or relax, the computer we sit in front of and keyboard we type on, the main entrances used, where we exercise, and even the interior of our cars when they’re in motion.

Why Test for Spin Instead of Using an Electromagnetic or Radio Frequency Field Meter?

Meters are very useful for checking the safety of a space, and there are a variety to choose from with different functions and a range of prices.  The point of using a pendulum is, first, that it makes use of the sensitivity of the human body which is far more sensitive than any meter; the pendulum is amplifying the energetic and physiological response of the tester.  Second, in any location there can be several different sources of stress, such as a combination of EMF & RF (electromagnetic and radio frequency), geopathic stress, etc.  A meter can tell you about the frequency type and range it was designed to test for according to it’s design and quality, and is useful for identifying what the magnetic, electromagnetic or radio frequency sources are.  To be thorough, one needs several meters, which can be costly.  A pendulum tests the subtle scalar field, which is what our bodies are most affected by, whereas a meter tests the grosser electromagnetic field.  A pendulum won’t tell you what is creating the negative spin, although there are a limited number of sources to be concerned about, but it will show you when the field has been restored to a healthy balance from all the negative influences impinging on an area.  A pendulum is readily accessible and is not expensive to use.  The caveat with using a pendulum is that accuracy is dependent upon the skill and unbiased receptivity of the tester.  Either way, it is beneficial to ascertain if one is in a healthy field, and especially if not, to use one’s testing device to help discover the remedy for any distortion in the field.  To be ultra thorough one could use a combination of pendulum and meters.

Part II. Testing for Spin

How to Test for Spin

Using Your Pendulum

Any pendulum will do, although a more sensitive pendulum is best.  I use a Pulsor® Acu-Pulsor Spin Tester pendulum because it is ultra sensitive, accurate and it doesn’t absorb any energies, as crystal pendulums can, which can throw off the readings.  A good pendulum, a relaxed state of being, and practice are the keys to greater accuracy and building confidence.

To test the spin of a location in space, you must first start with that as your intention:  you want to be shown what the spin or other movement of energy is at the particular spot you are testing.  You are not asking “yes/no” questions, just checking the direction of spin or other movements shown by the pendulum.

Test Your Receptivity

Your testing will be more accurate when you are balanced. If your energy is in an inharmonious state it will interfere with receptivity and accuracy.

Hold your pendulum by dangling it between the thumb and forefinger of your right hand. Slide your finger and thumb approximately 2” up the chain away from the pendulum, at a place that feels natural for you. If the chain length is too long it is harder to get the pendulum to begin to spin and give you correct responses. Keep your body relaxed and breathe normally (very important). If the pendulum is on a metal chain, hold the rest of the length of chain between fingers and palm of your right hand, because if it is hanging free it can become an antenna, which may throw off the testing. Give the pendulum a little bit of back and forth movement to start, because starting from a completely motionless position is also more difficult to accomplish. Keep your arms slightly apart from the sides of your torso to allow your energy to flow more freely.


Check the spin of your left palm by holding the pendulum with your right hand a short distance above it. The energy center on the human body on the left palm should be clockwise as well [see Part IIII below for correct energy center spins for men and women], but if it is not spinning that direction, your ability to receive correct information is impaired, and the spin of the left palm center must first be corrected.

To correct the spin of your left hand begin by taking off any metal jewelry or watches on both hands, the left in particular: metal conducts electricity and can also store charge which can interfere with the normal direction of spin of energy centers, such as at the palm of the hand and all the finger joints, and then all the meridians running through that hand. If you have a Pulsor® Acu-Pulsor, tap the jewelry with the tip of the Spin Tester to normalize the energy in the jewelry or watch. Tap any other metal on the body such as glasses frames, zippers or metal buttons. Recheck and see if the spin is now normal. If not, deliberately spin your pendulum counterclockwise over your palm for 20 – 30 seconds, or until this feels awkward, which can indicate that the spin has corrected. Then, deliberately spin your pendulum clockwise over the left palm for a few seconds, just to help the normalizing along. Recheck to make sure that the spin stays steady in the clockwise direction. In most cases, this is sufficient, but if the spin is still not corrected, you may be particularly stressed and it is better to do your testing at a later time. After testing that it is correct, you are ready begin.

Practice Testing For Spin

If you are not experienced with using a pendulum, it’s very useful to begin by first testing the spin of various things to see a range of responses.  Many products and foods have an inherent positive or negative spin.  Organic fruits and vegetables and salt are examples of items with a positive spin, and items such as household chemicals (synthetic fertilizers, cleaning products, nail polish, etc.), refined sugar or junk food, commonly have a negative spin.  After you have made sure the spin of your left palm is clockwise, practice by testing some of these items.  It is best to test things that you personally feel emotionally neutral about, because a strong emotional bias can skew your results.  This is also good practice for remaining neutral and unconcerned about what you detect in your environmental testing.

Checking The Spins In Your Space & Creating a Spin Map of a Building


Creating a “spin map” of your home or office will be your baseline to help you locate any adverse influences and to chart changes as you make improvements.

You can do this process without mapping out your results, but it is hard to keep track of all the test results with memory alone, especially if you are just learning this process, so taking the time to record results on floor plans is strongly suggested.

First, create a floorplan for the building you are testing. If the building has more than one floor, each floor should have a separate floorplan drawing. The floorplans don’t have to be exactly to scale, but the more accurate the better for seeing general patterns. 8 1/2″ x 11″ copies of architectural plans are fine. Save your master copy and make a few extra copies so later you can test spins again to show where spins change when you make corrections or other changes in the environment; this helps you correlate what you did to produce the change.

Using your pendulum, check the spin at several points in each room, paying the most attention to the areas you spend the most time in.  Check the spin a few inches away from all four walls, so that you can see the spins of the entire perimeter of a room.  It’s important to be exact.  When testing those places where you sit or stand for any length of time, test where your head would be, chest, hips, hands, knees and feet – the spin can be different at the different points such that part of you is in a clockwise spot and part in counterclockwise.  When testing where you sleep, pull back the covers so you are getting the spin of the surface your body is actually in contact with and check several spots from head to toes.   

When you have tested a spot, write your results down on your floorplan with easy symbols such as CC or + for clockwise, and CCW or – for counterclockwise.  If you test only one spot then write down your + or – on that spot on the floorplan. When testing for different spots where your body would be from head to toe, create a separate close-up drawing of an individual area (such as the bed, desk chair area, etc.) and include notes that help you remember what you found, if your testing reveals different directions of spin there.   The direction of spins can vary a lot in a single room, so the more spots you test the better, just to be thorough.

Test all appliances when they are both “On” and “Off”.  Completely unplug, when possible, because many devices, such as flat screen TVs that many people have in their bedrooms, are still drawing current when they are plugged into the wall, and can still produce interference.  A phone, for instance, will have a different field when there is a live phone call, vs. when there is not.  Test both the entire handset and the phone’s base station.  Hair dryers, pencil sharpeners, microwaves, stoves, irons, light bulbs, etc. can all be tested both ways.  Chunky plugs, such as cell phone chargers, can produce a field even if nothing is plugged into them.

In your testing, include all the outlets in each room.  Dangle your pendulum directly in front of the outlet when you are testing.  If the test result is a negative spin it indicates that something is adding incoherence or “dirty energy” to that circuit.  When this happens, part of the wall space can also be negative, as well as items plugged into that circuit.  Check an outlet when nothing is plugged into it vs. when different appliances, lamps, computers, etc. are plugged to see if any of these things are adding noise into the circuit.  Dimmer switches (test both “On” and “Off”) can add a lot of noise into a circuit as can fluorescent or halogen light bulbs.  If not, the source may be either wireless transmission coming from inside the building (wireless routers, wireless electronics, Smart appliances, Smart Meters), from outside in the neighborhood, or there may be faulty wiring of some sort.

Test your fuse box by placing a finger of your left hand on each switch and then testing with the pendulum in your right hand.  For negative spins, take note of which circuit the switch was for, and correlate with your spin testing in that area of the building.  You may also want to test the building spaces with your power shut off, so you can tell what’s coming from outside the building, and what is coming from inside the building.

You can also test your garage, and all outside areas on the lot surrounding the building, for a more comprehensive view.

positive spin, and items such as household chemicals (synthetic fertilizers, cleaning products, nail polish, etc.), refined sugar or junk food, commonly have a negative spin.  After you have made sure the spin of your left palm is clockwise, practice by testing some of these items.  It is best to test things that you personally feel emotionally neutral about, because a strong emotional bias can skew your results.  This is also good practice for remaining neutral and unconcerned about what you detect in your environmental testing.

Correlating Your Test Results With What You Feel

When you have checked the spins of all the areas of your home or where you work, you can compare that with what you experience or what you feel in those places.  People do vary quite a bit in how they sense and respond to energy, but most people notice that there is an overall correlation with how they feel physically and emotionally, and how well they think, with what the spin is in a particular area.  

Notice where people tend to gather, and where they tend to feel rejuvenated and balanced.  You may notice areas where accidents tend to occur, people have arguments, or places people tend to avoid.  Also notice responses of any animals or even plants you have.  Dogs tend to gravitate towards CW areas, while cats can prefer CCW areas (if they are comfortable and accessible).  Different types of plants can vary in where they thrive, although most will do better in CW areas, indoors or outdoors – so check the spin of any garden areas where the plants aren’t doing well.

Particularly notice where you are able to breathe more easily and where you feel relaxed and have less physical tension:  breathing and muscular tension respond quickly to greater coherence by becoming more relaxed and open.

If you notice that entire rooms or floors have a negative spin, this may occur because of Smart Meters, wireless routers or alarms systems, or geopathic stress.

More About Why the Correct Spin Is Important:  Scientific Research Correlating Field Health with Our Health

Sam Milham, MD, a retired epidemiologist (someone who studies epidemics), wrote a book called Dirty Electricity, which details his own research into the influence over several decades of the gradual installation of electricity, or the “electricification” of neighborhoods in America, and the correlating rise of chronic and serious health conditions which were never widespread before the pervasive use of electricity.  This book as well as many other books and websites, contain volumes of information about the harsh health effects which correspond to chronic over-exposure to both electromagnetic and radiofrequency fields associated with all the electrical wiring, and devices we now typically live with.  Dr. Milham makes the point that in the U.S., current returning to electrical substations from buildings, travels through the earth as “ground current” rather than along dedicated wires as in Europe.  This means that areas of ground, which are the path of least resistance for this return current, are also unhealthy.  Areas of unhealthy exposure have a negative spin when tested.  

Click on the image to download a copy of the book

Our biology developed in a world which had none of this until around a century ago, and despite our impressive ability to adapt to all manner of stresses, there is a point where health (physical, emotional and mental) breaks down with this chronic unnatural exposure.  Our bodies conduct electricity and are regulated by electrical signals, whether internally or externally generated.  Our bodies are designed to be most resilient to short-term stress, but resilience (the ability to respond appropriately, recover from and integrate stress or experience) declines with exposure to constant, long-term stress.

The price for overexposure can be enormous, so all measures to avoid and limit exposure are a direct investment in your health and overall well-being.  Whether or not you can consciously discern an immediate adverse effect, over-exposure to a negative field has a cumulative influence, whether or not the perception reaches our physical senses.  Each of us is affected in individual ways depending on our constitutions, age and overall health, and total stress from all sources.

Attitude Is Key:  You Can Make A Difference!

Looking at all the possible sources of disturbance, and how dependent we’ve seemingly become on modern technology, it would be easy to say, “What’s the use, it’s everywhere.  How can I possibly make a difference?”  In fact, the sources that are close to us are often the ones which have the biggest effect.   Did you know that a DECT (digitally enhanced cordless telephone) portable phone broadcasts at full power 24/7, like a mini cell tower in your home?  Replacing this with a corded phone (or a non-DECT cordless, or locating the base station farther away from you) removes or reduces a significant source of distortion.  With each improvement there is less of a total burden on your body; incremental improvement is still improvement.

In many but not all cases, major sources of negative or counterclockwise spins are the devices and appliances we bring into our environment.  Any device which plugs into the wall or emits a wireless signal is a possible source.  This is good news, because it means that with a little diligence and tenacity we can correct most of this fairly easily.  Beyond that, it’s possible that disturbance or “dirty electricity” is coming from faulty wiring, dimmer switches, most certainly from Smart Meters if you’ve had one installed, and other features located in your building and on your property.  These can take more time and outside help to fix, but this is doable in many cases.  Outside sources may be your neighbors’ wireless networks, transformers and wires outside, cell towers and antennas in the distance, airport radar and so forth.  This last group may not be something you can directly neutralize, but you can take steps to minimize their influence.  Take heart because you have more of a vote in your environmental well being than you may realize.

Part III. Correcting a Negative Spin

Take a look at the places on your floorplan where you found a counterclockwise spin, or something other than a steady, moderate clockwise spin.  The particular pattern of spin directions will help you determine what any sources of disturbance might be.

For example, if you notice that part of the area on your bed where you sleep has disturbed spins, observe and see what is in the area near your bed.  A sleep area is a good example because this is probably the most important area to correct.  Proper rest determines much of our overall health and functioning.  Many people have electrical or electronic devices in or near their bedroom, such as clocks by the bedside which are plugged in, cell phones recharging nearby, laptops across the room or by the side of the bed, flat screen TVs across the room, routers, and so forth.  Besides the ambient field around each device, the metal coils inside conventional mattresses, as well as the metal frames, act as antennas, which amplify the signal all around you while you are sleeping.   To correct this situation, unplug and turn off, or remove, as many devices as possible.  The bedroom should be free of electrical devices during sleep.  If you have a wireless router on, consider switching it off at night, especially if it is anywhere near your bedroom:  signals from the router (or any wireless device) will penetrate through walls, and you will be affected even if the router is rooms away.  If you want to eliminate as much electromagnetic influence as possible coming from within your home, it is also possible to install an “on-demand” device that will switch off the power to your bedroom while you sleep.

Go thru this process of making changes in any room with negative spin patterns, and then retesting..  Retest your fuse box switches as well to see if you’ve removed sources of dirty electricity from your circuits, or retest the outlets in each room.

After you’ve made all the corrections inside a building, if there are areas of counterclockwise or disturbed spin that remain, the likelihood is that the source for these is coming from outside the building.  Here are some of the most common sources:

Wifi Networks in the Neighborhood:  If your neighbor’s wifi signal is coming into your house, this is more challenging to completely remedy.  Like all wireless signals, the pulsed nature of the signal combined with the digital information bits, is not something that can be directly neutralized, although it can be blocked using special materials. Blocking is involved and expensive, however.  If you can engage in a friendly conversation with your neighbors and request that they use a wired connection for their internet, or that they at least will turn off their networks at night, this will help greatly.  Devices that will reduce or eliminate the acquired dirty electricity from your building’s circuits (such as the Pulsor® Vortex Energy Filter) are very helpful because the wiring in our circuits can conduct ambient wireless signals into the environment.  

Increasing the overall coherence of the field of the building by including natural energy sources such as natural lighting, fabrics, cleaning products and materials, plants, and improving air quality, will all help.  In general it’s best not to use crystals (unless you have a good understanding of how to keep crystals energetically clean) as they can actually store energy over time and re-radiate it back into the environment, and then they can become an issue.  Natural materials, such as non-toxic wood flooring vs. synthetic carpets, help to keep natural resonances in our living spaces.  

Smart Meters:  New wireless transmission utility meters have replaced the old analog meters in many areas around the world.  Despite claims that the type and amount of radiation is too low to affect health, there have been numerous reports to the contrary, citing health issues which did not exist before Smart Meters or were aggravated after Smart Meter installation.  If you are in the U.S., and live in one of the few states where an Opt Out program has been established, contact your utility for the details.  Opting Out and retaining an analog meter is the safest plan.  For areas where there is no Opt Out program, covers exist which can be installed over the Smart Meter and will dramatically reduce the amount of radiation both in and outside of the house.  One such company is here:  For the “do it yourself” folks who wish to create their own there are sources for materials which are available [resource links at the end of this article].  Directions for making your own shield can be found thru author Steven Magee on

Note that Smart Meters will transmit even if power is switched off to the building.

If you’re not sure if you have a Smart Meter or not, get the make and model number by looking at the meter, and then either look it up online, or speak to someone at your utility.

Cell Towers and Antennas, Radar Installations:  Your proximity to cell towers and local antennas can be checked here:  If you live near an airport, radar may be a concern.  The closer the source of radio frequencies, and the larger the number of sources, the bigger the effect on you.  Anything closer than .5 miles is the greatest concern.  Mitigation of this is similar to recommendations for wifi networks.  

If there is significant effect in the field of your home or work that you are not able to correct, consider relocating.  If you can’t relocate, then spend as much time as possible in healthy areas.

Geopathic Stress:  Energy disturbances can come thru underground water, fault lines, mineral deposits, caves, ground current, etc., as well as the Hartmann, Curry, and Bhenker lines, which comprise grid of energy lines all over the globe.  Where these subtle energy lines are, and where they cross other lines, can be the source of much disturbance.  These lines are also capable of conducting radiofrequencies and essentially amplifying their effect.  These can be corrected or mitigated.  

On your Spin Map you may see a pattern of negative spin straight lines traveling from the outside, thru the building, continuing beyond the walls of the building and exiting out the opposite side, anywhere from the thickness of a wall to several feet in width.  These are the grid lines.  Other patterns which extend beyond the walls of the building can be from geopathic phenomena as well.

Until these areas are corrected it is best to avoid spending much time in these zones if at all possible.  Sleeping in them is especially not advisable.

Please see books such as The Complete Feng Shui Health Handbook, by Wilhelm Gerstung & Jens Mehlhase, or similar books or websites for in-depth information on this topic.

It is outside the scope of this article to cover all the possible situations and remedies, so I have included enough information so you can begin to understand your situation, possible corrections for any issues, and how to look for additional information if you should need it.

Exceptions to the Clockwise Spin Rule

Clockwise spin in space indicates a healthy area – this is an almost completely reliable guide; however, I have found two exceptions to this:

Wireless Fields from Wireless Router:  When I test an area that is within about 100′ of a wireless router, I get a CW spin, but it is not a typical CW spin.  It begins by being a strong CW spin, which slows and changes to a strong forward and back movement of the pendulum, and then resumes the CW direction of spin.  It almost never becomes a CCW spin.  I first noticed this pattern in 2006, after I had been testing with a pendulum for over ten years, when testing the outside grounds of a large property which had more than one type of wireless equipment installed (wireless computer system, alarm systems on the property, and proximity to neighbors who probably had similar installations.) I had never found this spin pattern before.  Many people also report that they feel “stimulated” in such a field, which makes sense given its heightened apparently positive spin.  Although it produces a CW spin, it is not a healthy influence.  The high energy of the spin alone can mean elevated energy levels that can become tiring over time to the individual.

The interesting thing is that not everyone who uses a pendulum and tests a wireless field shows the CW spin pattern that I get.  This indicates that, besides the variation which is possible in energetic influences showing in the spin, there is also some variation in how different testers receive and display their results.  One learns over time how to distinguish whether something is truly beneficial thru correlating all the testing results one gets with what one notices in terms of feeling and functionality.  Discernment builds thru over time practice.  The type of calm one experiences in a truly balanced “positive” field is different than the somewhat over-amped experience of being in a stimulating wireless / radio frequency field.

“Positive” Spin from EMF Protection Devices:  There are many different products on the market today which purport to correct energetic issues in buildings from different sources, EMF/RF and geopathic stress, in particular.   They function via different mechanisms, and the costs vary widely.  As with products in any other field, some work and some don’t.  Ideally, EMF protection/remediation devices are filters that are capable of eliminating noise and increasing coherence in the field without adding any other frequency patterns or noise in the process.  How does one discern whether a device is truly helping or is instead masking the problem?  This is the trickiest area of all, because the product written descriptions always sound good, and they’re all addressing something we can’t see, and the devices are producing results which can’t always be tested with a meter, because changes in the scalar field are not registered on a meter which tests for electromagnetic, magnetic, or radio frequency measurements.  

Interestingly, the EMF/RF protection devices can also produce “false positives” when testing with a pendulum, which is a CW spin that is actually masking an underlying discord in the field without eliminating it.  An analogy which will help to understand a “false positive” is the effect of taking an aspirin for physical pain:  a person’s pain may be relieved, but not because the source of the pain has been corrected, but because the ability to feel the pain has been suppressed.  The mechanism of the aspirin is to numb a person’s ability to feel that something is wrong, or to eliminate a symptom at the overall expense of the body, which now has to deal with the aspirin as well as the underlying condition.   This allopathic, or symptom-relief, approach in modern medicine, is unwittingly the same way that a number of EMF correction devices work.   Most produce their own frequency patterns which suppress some of the “noise” from the different sources of disturbance, and can also introduce patterns which feel good to us, such as the Schumann Resonance which is the frequency of the planet itself.  In reality there “may” be even more total noise in the space rather than less due to yet another source of frequency patterns that interact with previous ones to create harmonics.  But since we can’t feel it immediately, we don’t know that we’re still being exposed to something that is not healthy. 

If an initial improvement in how you feel after installing a correction device does not last more than a few days or weeks, the device may not a true remedy.  (The other possibility is that a new source of disturbance has been introduced in the same period of time, so do try to track when new equipment is installed in your home or neighborhood if possible, to be able to discern the difference.) 

It would be nice if creating a healthy living environment were always as simple as plugging in a single device; this can happen in simple environments, but is not the norm; generally more corrections are needed

Part III. Testing Body Spins

Some EMF/RF protection equipment genuinely creates more coherence and less noise in space.  How to discern what is eliminating discord vs. what is merely masking it?  The method I’ll cover next is an additional way to gain information about how conditions or changes in your space are affecting you.

Testing for Change, or “Adaptation”, of the Body’s Energy Center Spins


Human beings, plants and animals survive and thrive thru their ability to adapt to a circumstance.  Relative to the subject of spins in space, and the energy fields we live in, we adapt energetically to the background field of the places we spend much time in.  There is variation in how much we adapt, and in what ways, depending upon the individual (age, relative health, other healthy or unhealthy influences in their lifestyle, basic constitutional tendencies, etc.), and the environments one is in.  If the space is healthy and supportive, we are supported to thrive, and if it is in conflict with our needs, we lose energy and organization, one way or another, which can show up as a host of physical, emotional or mental symptoms, which one would not immediately suspect came from exposure to an environmental field influence.

Adaptation is easy to understand because we do it all the time.  A simple example:  there may be a floorboard which cracks loudly if one steps on it, so to avoid the sharp sound, one may expend a little extra energy and step over or around it.  This simple adaptation requires an extra expenditure of energy, and a different way of using one’s body.  An even more graphic example would be a commuter who drives the same route to a job each day, finding one day that a section of road is being repaired, and they must drive an alternate route until the original route is available again.  This is analogous to the rerouting of our own energy if there is something in the environment which interferes with the normal functioning of our own energy field, or energy center spins, requiring that it “change direction” until the interference is removed.  This may require even more of an expenditure of energy, and loss of normal functioning.

The effects of adapting can be quick or gradual, depending upon the person and the nature of the influence.  Adaptation can feel like one isn’t quite oneself, or there’s difficulty concentrating, or there can be headaches, worse coordination, fatigue or agitation, and the list goes on.

Adaptation takes place in the spin of our energy centers.  Our energy centers, or chakras, are located down the middle of the body at nerve plexus, and also at every major organ and joint including eyes and ears.  These energy centers have spin as well, and the spins can also be tested with a pendulum.  We are still testing the Vortex Energy Field, which is more subtle than the electromagnetic field, in case the reader is used to associating the optimal spin for the chakras as being all CW.  The Vortex Energy Field follows a different arrangement of the spins of the chakras which is the following (all described from the point of view of someone standing opposite a person and viewing the direction of the spins:

These central spins are opposite for male and female. 

All the spins on Right and Left sides of the body are the same for both male and female:

Polarities for man and women

The direction of the spins on the back of the body are opposite to what they are on the front.  For example, the inside of the left elbow has a CW spin, and the outside tip of the elbow has a CCW spin; the heart center of a woman has a CW spin, and the spot on the spine which is opposite the heart position on the front has a CCW spin.

When all of one’s energy centers are spinning their correct direction, or close to this, the experience is one of being centered, calm, clear, well, and aware.  There is a sense of relaxation without effort, and that it’s easy to breathe more slowly and deeply.  This is the experience of coherence. 

If the energy field around one is balanced and healthy, it will support the direction of the spins to be in the normal pattern described above.  There are, of course, other influences on our fields (diet, people we are with, our thought patterns, work, clothing, etc.), so a corrected environment won’t remove all distortion, but it helps enormously to support the healthy, balanced organization of our spins.  The state of our health is equivalent to the health of our personal energy field.  All processes of the body are governed by these energy centers, so their proper functioning is essential.

If a person installs a piece of EMF/RF neutralizing equipment, or wears a protective item such as a pendant, their body’s energy field, reflected in the spins of the energy centers, will respond quickly to this new influence.  One can test one’s own spins with the pendulum before the introduction of something new, after initially wearing or installing the device, and then retest after the item has been in our environment or on our body over time.  An immediate test is useful as we often do adjust very quickly.  Retesting one or more times later on is also useful.  Note whether there are more correct spins overall.  One may not find all the correct spins, and in fact most of us have variations in this which come and go, which is normal:  the point is to note whether one is in a greater state of balance after making any kind of change, and whether it stays consistent over time.  

Many devices initially feel neutral or good, but then as time passes the experience becomes more uncomfortable.  This is because a device may mask something which was previously aggravating one which may have felt unpleasant, but, it is also introducing a new and different kind of distortion which – because we’ll adapt to this new influence too – will use up and distort our energy in a different way and become noticeable as time passes when the new energy patterns may have produced more physical changes.  This is why testing and retesting can be so useful.

How to Check Your Body’s Spins:

It is recommended to remove all metal jewelry, watch, metal frame glasses, and any other metal or gemstones from the body, as these can interfere with results.  Likewise, make sure you don’t have your cell phone on in your pocket or near you, and that you are a good distance away from other people, or electronics, which might influence your field.

Begin by testing that the spin of your left palm is a CW spin; if it is correct, continue to check the spins of the rest of the body.  If it is not correct, use the instructions given earlier to correct the spin.  This correction alone will help the balance of the other centers to normalize.

Starting with energy center at the forehead, test for the direction of spin.  If you are a man, this center should have a CCW spin, and a woman should have a CW spin at this center.  (Remember, this would be from the point of view of a person standing opposite to you.  It doesn’t matter whether the pendulum is spinning over the flat surface of your body, if you are lying down, or in front of your energy center if you are standing or sitting in a chair.)

Continue to check all the centers down the front center of the body, followed by the centers on the right and left sides of the body.   

It is helpful to write down your results as you go.  Your initial test results can serve as a baseline of comparison.  Note the strength of the spin (very strong, strong, average, weak, very weak), as well as the direction of spin.

Practice, practice, and practice!  As you practice you will notice patterns of spins which come and go, as well as those which you find more often.  You will begin to notice that you can correlate how you feel with the different patterns.  For instance, in all the people I’ve tested including myself, if both the forehead and the pubic bone centers are spinning opposite from normal, people always feel very strange and ungrounded, and rather separate from themselves.  Sometimes a chronic opposite spin may be associated with weakness, or physical pain.  An opposite spin at the forehead may correlate with fuzzy thinking, and the throat with constantly having to clear the throat, or coughing, or neck pain.  A stronger spin, i.e., more energy and speed in the spin, may be associated with more energy present in that area.  Fatigue may be seen as less energy in the overall spins, rather than at one center in particular.  The more you practice, the easier it is to correlate your test findings with both what you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally, and to notice changes in your well-being as you make corrective changes in your environment.

I strongly recommend staying calm and relaxed in the process.  Sometimes there are a lot of influences to be corrected, and the best way forward is to take small steps, at the rate that you are able, and stay clear of stressing over anything.


This purpose of this guide is to provide a tool that can be used to help to create a healthier environment by testing one of its most clear reflections: Spin.  Testing for spin can be used to directly make constructive improvements where we live and work.  Sometimes there are areas which are difficult to correct, either because one doesn’t have control over the source of the disturbance, or because it’s not clear what the source is.  Many of us have areas like this, but when the balance of the space is healthy or healthier than it was, quality of life will increase both for us and for those around us.  Remember that every improvement will increase quality of life.

It’s generally wiser not to make too many adjustments at once, just because going more slowly allows you to correlate how you feel with the changes you’ve made.  Also, every time a true correction is made, our own energy will respond by moving back towards normal:  a process of “unadapting”.  Going gently with yourself will minimize any disruption from this normalizing response.  Even if something, like a cell phone, isn’t a healthy influence, it’s easier on the body and the psyche to make gentle changes.

The quality of energy in a physical location is one of the biggest influences in our lives, but it’s easy to miss or underestimate the magnitude of the influence because we can’t directly see the energy in the energy field.  Most of us have also been educated to believe that whatever we feel inside ourselves originates from inside us, rather than there being the possibility that we may be sensing our body’s response to what is around us.   The discord or fatigue we feel really can be a result of being in an  unhealthy field.  How many people feel “stressed” due to their work – but how much of it is the actual work, and how much of it is the negative field around the computer, the printer, the fluorescent lights, the metal chair or desk which is amplifying the effect, and so forth.  I have seen many people feel happier, healthier, and more enthusiastic again about their lives, by making corrections in their environment that increase the ability of their environmental energy field to support life.  Yes, there is a learning curve with this, and it takes some perseverance.  But, if these negative zones go uncorrected you will always be swimming upstream in turbulent water.  Corrected, the current will help to carry you safely to greater health and happiness.  It’s worth the experiment.

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*Every property is unique, which is why a detailed exploration and personalized plan is the most efficient way to go forward. It is not the purpose of this article to provide information about every single type of field disturbance, and the corrections, but to give a general overview with way to determine if there are sources of disturbance.  Every property is unique, which is why a detailed exploration and personalized plan is the most efficient and effective way to go forward.


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