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Owner and Her 120 Year Old Home Both Refresh by Structured Water:

“Five years ago my wife Judy and I moved to Sedona Arizona, like many drawn here by the electric shiver of Red Rock Fever. Once here we could not wait to explore the beautiful canyons right in our own neighborhood. We had of course visited before, and done some hiking, but not in every season. It was a cool November day and on a trail, in a lovely juniper forest, my wife suddenly seized up and was having extreme difficulty breathing. It was frightening for both of us. What we learned later was that juniper blooms in the winter and Judy were a stage 4+ (out of 4) allergic to junipers. Sedona is built in the middle of a juniper forest. Our first reaction was “we cannot live here”.

One of our new friends in Sedona heard our story and handed Judy a little blue bottle of something called Emethy and said “try this”. I was skeptical, but thought, what the heck. We’ll try anything. So, we wrapped up EM3 in a wet tissue and off we went to give it a try. We started onto the trail slowly and Judy was fine. We kept walking and soon forgot all about it, absorbed in the uncommon diverse beauty that is Sedona. She is still subject to some seasonal symptoms, being a stage 4+, but has not had the asthmatic attacks on the trail since.

We are so grateful to be introduced to Emethy. Thank you.

My husband Rory awoke one morning with disabling lower back pain. This was really distressing, as he was due to pick up a good friend at the Phoenix Airport, a 2 hour drive, later that morning. I suggested trying EM11. Once wetted, I strapped it to his back for about 20-30 minutes. He was not only able to get out of bed, but made the 4 hour round trip with no discomfort.

R. & J. C.

Infection Gone!

 I recently had a dental implant instilled in my mouth. Four days after the surgery I became ill with a fever and chills. The implant area in my mouth was painful and throbbing. I realized I had an infection and inflammation so I held on to the Emethy EM12 Infection formula in water during the evening and when I went to bed I slept with EM12. The next morning all the pain and throbbing was gone as well as the fever. I felt great! Two days later I still feel great and the implant site appears to be healing just fine.Thank you Emethy! 

H L, B.C. Canada

A sweet dog story

I got involved with Emethy because I have a Rottweiler who was diagnosed with double hip dysplasia and canine cruciate disease. Translation: unless both hips were replaced and his knees/ankles repaired, his chance of a happy, long life were slim to none. I ordered Emethy’s Em9- Trauma formula, Em11- Pain formula, and Free- Freedom formula. I am proud to say that Eoin (my puppy) will be 4 in May and is the happiest little guy you can imagine. When he over does it, I break out the Emethy’s, wrap them in a wet rag and hold them to his paw.

As for me, I had the unfortunate incident of cutting my finger open on an exacto knife. The wound was wide open and at 6:00 in the morning – no doctor available. I have an aversion to Emergency Rooms. I grabbed the Trauma and the Free, wrapping them in a wet rag and holding onto them for dear life. I have not experienced ANY PAIN OR DISCOMFORT. In fact, while being stitched up, I asked the Doctor if she would mind if I continued to hang onto my bottles. Again- no discomfort of any kind. Emethy is ENERGY- Your body absorbs energy as it is NEEDED. I have since ordered some Emethy formulas I would normally keep in my medicine cabinet. Now I rest easy knowing that any physical symptoms will be arrested by these products. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. With light and love.

J H, Reading, PA

Addictions and Arthritis

I smoked for 20 years and have tried hypnosis and many things to quit smoking over the years yet NOTHING worked as I always went back to smoking. After using Emethy’s EM10 formula I smoked my last cig and it’s like I never smoked. I don’t have any cravings at all! It’s truly amazinggggg. My hubby is so proud of me 🙂 It was Emethy’s Addiction formula EM10 that did it. I’m so happy that I don’t have this addiction anymore.

I also originally ordered Emethy’s EM 10- Addictions, EM 11- Pain and EM 12 for Infections. I have rheumatoid arthritis very bad.. am in constant pain (was) from the meds I had to take. I was getting infections all the time. My gums are (were) splitting and very painful. I was in the hospital the week before I got your wonderful Emethy products. I was told that I had the MSR virus. The antibiotic they gave me was very strong and make me sick to take it. When I started using your Emethy products ALL of my symptoms cleared up. I am now able to enjoy my day and do simple pleasures like go outside in my garden and see my beautiful flowers… l don’t sit and cry anymore :). This happened almost immediately. I would not be without Emethy for sure. I have also always had like a tightness on the left side of my upper stomach area, this also has gone now ..I am so happy for you and your product that I can’t wait to try your other ones. Thank you so much.  

A. W.,  Florida


“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in early ’94. I was so unwell, it was almost a relief to discover a name for my dis-ease. I say almost, because I didn’t know the ramifications of the illness. My life and career in the corporate fast-lane (with a 6-figure income) ended. Talk about losses; my career, my income, my self-esteem and a relationship, but most of all MY HEALTH. The pain, loneliness, fatigue and despair became my daily companions.

My previous over-achiever traits led me to try every sort of medical and holistic treatment available, leaving me feeling more hopeless and $30,000 poorer, after the cost of treatments. After 3 1/2 years of despair, I heard about Emethy. The results have been amazing. I started to feel better almost immediately.

Now I feel strong, confident and ready to face the unknown of life after Fibromyalgia. I sleep well at night, take ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS OR PAINKILLERS. I do Emethy faithfully and have a new life, a life of joy, happiness and feeling useful again. I may be financially poorer because of previous medical treatments, but my value system has changed so much that the richness I feel in my heart can overcome any obstacles. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, EMETHY!”  

Emethy® works GREAT for people, pets and plants

E.B., Phoenix, Arizona


“I had allergic reactions to cats. One day we were visiting my son and a cat entered the room. I reacted instantaneously! I grabbed Emethy’s EM3-Immune formula and immediate relief was felt. The cat remained in the room and I was totally fine. I have never had another reaction since. “

 B. L., Canada

No more Flu Shots!

“I’m 70 years old and my Doctors have suggested that anyone over 65 should have flu shots. I have been using Emethy’s VRAL formula for 5 years now and have not had a cold or flu with the exception of slight symptoms resulting from stress. At the first sign of a cold/flu I sleep with Emethy’s VRAL formula and the next day the symptoms are completely gone.”

There are no dangers of an overdose or negative side effects with this astute technology.

H. L., BC


I have numerous other reports. This is another one. I had a terrible accident while cooking. I was talking with some friends and not only forgot to wear an oven glove while extracting a pan from the oven but I also accidentally touched the bright red broiling coil instead of the pan. Upon touching the coil you could actually smell the burning flesh of my fingers. A friend immediately handed me Emethy’s EM9-Trauma formula and the pain left. There was never a blister which should have resulted in this type of burn. The speed in which Emethy was applied resulted in a pain-free incident without negative consequence”.  

H. L., B.C. 

Energy Surge

“I tried The Emethy Full Spectrum Series and my God what a rush!!! I was fully centered after a night of partying.”. 

Emethy® formulas last at least 1 full Year with unlimited use!


Power Up

“Several people have remarked about my very noticeable surge of energy since using the Full Spectrum Series. My improvement in every way is almost miraculous!”

Ms. D., CA

Buying Emethy was the best investment I ever made for myself.

“I used to spend about $200.00 a month on vitamins, energy drinks and various therapies. With Emethy, I dramatically increased my energy in just a few weeks. I feel a much greater sense of balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For over 8 years I’ve been using Emethy and I feel wonderful! I wouldn’t be without it.” 

R.H., Marin, California

Lymphatic System Aliviated!

“I came to you because I had a swelling in my Lymphatic system that would not respond to antibiotics. After 2 months the Doctor declared it benign but wanted to operate because of its size. After using Emethy for 3 weeks it disappeared completely. Thank you!” 

There are no side effects with Emethy’s® method- nor can an overdose occur.

K. W., Santa Rosa

Chemically Sensitive

“I want to send you clips of experiences with Emethy in the hopes that others may benefit.  It’s kind of a mind leap in the beginning that these little sealed bottles that you “activate” could be such wonderfully powerful healing tools.  How could I have imagined that a key to my staying alive would involve something so easy and pleasant as holding a little bottle, or wearing it, or taking it in the hot tub or bath?   I am creating this diary for you to show others – to help them to suspend judgments about how healing is supposed to occur.   Last night, January 13, 2000 was rough for several reasons.  I have mercury poisoning.  I had it so bad that the last 4 dentists I consulted with turned me down as a patient because I was too severely ill to be treated.  None of them wanted to work on someone who was chemically sensitive to most anesthetics and dental materials. 

My reactions would go from the neurological buzzing/aching of limbs to petit mal and grand mal seizures to losing control of my ability to walk and speak and, at their worst, to heart failure.  I was on oxygen and had to wear a mask to ride a car or go to a city where air quality was questionable.  

I don’t want to sound complaining or lacking in humor – for I am neither – I just want your readers to understand the critical condition I was in for 5 years.   Most of the mercury is out of my mouth – one last nasty one to go.  I still have to detox it from my body – organs and nervous system.   When infection arises is depresses my immune system and some of the old systems recur.  I get a little scared wondering how severe the reactions could get.  That’s where Emethy has come in to save me so many times.  So here’s to keeping a journal of some of these experiences”. 


Lessening of Inflamation

“Actually I have had a noticeable lessening of inflammation with Emethy’s Infection formula EM 12 for chronic viral conjunctivitis and a change for the positive with Emethy’s Digestion EM 6 formula on my usually touchy digestion. Emethy’s Heart-EM5 & Immune- EM3 also seem to be having an effect although somewhat more ephemeral but it’s there. As someone who has tried a lot of alternative therapies I’d have to rank Emethy up there with acupuncture/TCM protocols for immediate effectiveness. You’re definitely on to something with your process. Thanks again for the assist.” 


Liver and Digestion

“I have been using Emethy’s Liver and ‘Digestion’ formulas occasionally for the last couple of weeks. I did notice a difference when my usage went down. Which makes me aware that I have greater health and sense of well-being when I am using certain ones regularly. I do want to say that I truly believe that the use of Emethy’s ‘Trauma’ formula has helped me so very much! I carried around disappointment, rejection, and emotional trauma for years. Ten years ago it finally manifested into clinical depression. I found that the use of the ‘Trauma’ Emethy gently dissolved the emotional ‘tightness’ I had. I have “opened up” emotionally and spiritually to actually feel empowered to correct, and of course accept that I do not want to be bruised by the past any longer.

With each Emethy use, a previously painful incident gently came to mind–like a simple remembrance, but without the pain or anguish. I acknowledged the occurrence, but did not have fear or even anger. I was able to think of it rationally as ‘unfair’but it no longer gripped me or hurt me. All I can say is–its use has been liberating! Thank you! Now, I use the Emethy Trauma formula for anger, frustration and disappointment. I find that I have even initiated better coping mechanisms. I think this is because the Emethy has somehow ‘encouraged’ me to be in health, and so I do what I need to do (for sustaining health) more readily, and effortlessly. I’ll be in touch for a few more products soon. My sister just received her Emethy products and she has already noticed an improvement with just 2 uses!!” 

Emethy® has been a word of mouth product for over 31 years!


Relief of Mild Arthritis

“My wife and I, have not gotten into a regular rhythm of using Emethy products. I have achieved success with the relief of the mild arthritis pain that accompanies my consumption of ice cream or (surprise!) yogurt. I go to sleep with the Emethy Arthritis vial in my hand. In a matter of moments, the pain has gone.”


More... Electric

Thank you for everything! Today I did the Dip and Sip Emethy method and wow!… I had just woken up from a nap, and when I took the sips, I immediately became more “electric” It’s fantastic…just Great! Bless you.” 

C., Rio de Janeiro

Headache Relief

“Hi, I just wanted you to know I am still using Emethy with my clients EM8-Stress, I used to get headaches after working on clients. And have experimented with not using the Emethy formula – boom the headaches come back. So I just wanted to pop in and say thanks again for a great product. Gratefully.”


I'm So Happy I've Found the Formulas!

“I’m so very happy that I’ve found you and your wonderful herbal formulas. I could Shout from the roof-tops I’m so excited about your Emethy therapy”

J. Florida

Chemically Sensitive

“I went for thermography yesterday in Vancouver, B.C.  The trip takes about 11 hours return by car and ferry.  As you know, I am chemically sensitive to gas and diesel fumes so this was really difficult to begin with. The doctor told me I have 4 infected teeth.  One has a rather large abscess.  He was amazed I was standing up let alone having just driven for 5+ hours.  He said I must have a strong constitution.  I told him I don’t have a particularly strong constitution – what I have is Emethy.   Being deadly allergic to antibiotics with this much infection going on in my body is a bit of a scary walk right now. The good news is that once my teeth have been extracted I will be completely well. The thermograph showed very clearly that all my physical problems stem from this area.  What would I do right now without Emethy?  Would I even be here to write this e-mail to you?  Gail, my deepest gratitude for Emethy and for your dedication and service. Much love.”

Each Emethy® formula will last at least one full year with unlimited use.


Rapid Improvement

“My Mother used EM3-Immune formula, for her itching eyes. After using it just once it stopped her itching.

I had a cold-my nose was totally clogged up on one side After 10-15 minutes of using Emethy, my nose cleared up. In two days my cold was gone.

My husband and I visited some friends. When we arrived one of them was ill in bed. She had a headache, pain in her stomach and she was throwing up. After using Emethy it didn’t take much time before her color was back in her cheeks and she was up with us with no signs of illness”. 

C. U., Sweden

The results we received were just wonderful!

“I do notice a lot of reactions in my body as I use Emethy-Heart, burping, and more energy. A friend of mine let her son-William-use your Attention Deficit formula-ADD-He said he could feel it going up both arms & into his head. He got very hot and Teresa-his Mom-could feel it in her head too. The water was warm when he finished after 5 min”. The results we received were just wonderful!”

D. S.

Much Less Anxiety

“I’ve been feeling much much better since I’ve been using the little Emethy bottles. Especially much less anxiety. My eye has greatly cleared up, along with my throat and cough. The most dramatic change was when I first used the EM3-Immune formula. I slept with it and the next day ALL symptoms were mostly gone, especially my red eyes. I’ve had no adverse effects”.  

D., Toronto, Ontario

I'm having great results with Emethy.

“I’m having great results with Emethy. It’s amazing how fast and effective it is. It seems to change my whole attitude. Emethy is wonderful! My baby daughter is responding wonderfully to your Emethy formula for gas. Usually within 10 minutes she is totally relieved.”  

N.G., Florida

A Must Try for Those Interested in Energy Medicine

“Emethy, unlike most herbal and homeopathic formulas, is Electrically active (it broadcasts an electrical charge of positive energy) and has been reported by most users to provide profound effects in just minutes of use. Every person interested in subtle energy/energy medicine should have the experience of this product.”  

G. M., Ph.D, Hawaii

I really feel a shift in my symptoms and much improvement.

“I want you to know how much Emethy is helping me! I really feel a shift in my symptoms and much improvement. I would like to share any literature you have to help you market this product”.  

People, pets, plants and water prosper from using Emethy®


Deep relief

“Thanks so much for helping me in a dire time of need. You will never know how very much the relief has meant to me in the last few days from using this wonderful Emethy”. 

S., Florida

My Therapist in a bottle

“Your product-Emethy has really worked for me and I do notice improvement since doing Emethy. My friend also was very much helped with the Anxiety bottle”


It's working!

“It’s working! Just after using Emethy for 3 weeks, I started seeing results in my complexion. The best part as well, is beginning to feel like I’m getting some energy, I’m beginning to feel not so wiped out at the end of a workday. I’m just so pleased that I want more, I’m seeing a taste of feeling better!”

 N., Victoria

I really feel a shift in my symptoms and much improvement.

“I have just finished using the AMAZONIC bottle for my dog, Katy, and she told me that the energy in the bottle had cleansed her adrenals and healed her Immune System, so now I’m using the bottle daily myself.

The cats, three of them, would always come around when I would sit in the evening and do Emethy. One at a time, they would take turns wanting to drink the water from the cup.

Years ago I had a beloved advanced spirit with me in cat form that choose to leave her body after 14 years. She would drink the water daily, all through the day, and in the evening I would then sit and change the water once again for her to have the next day. I have noticed for myself that if I do not sit and do Emethy at the end of the day, I’m more off balance the next day. I use Emethy 1-12-Full Spectrum Series.

The beloved animals are here to help us heal emotionally and often take on our physical ailments and disease. Therefore, Emethy, working to heal our vibration and shift us to a more aware state, can also work through us to help our animals release energy as we release energy.

Just a note: Years ago a woman I worked with called me one night to ask if she could bring her son to my home because he was feeling sick. I said “of course” and while they were here, her son complained of stomach pains. I made him hold EM6-Digestion formula in water and the pains vanished. He felt well again. His mother was very suspicious and asked what I did to do that. I explained Emethy, but she did not comprehend the method. Interesting isn’t it.”

Emethy® is great to travel with as it keeps your energyup to par on planes, in cars and all other energy zapping forms of transportation.

M.B. (Animal Telepath)

Pain Disappearing

“I had a nice experience with EM12-Infection. I had a sore throat and I took EM12 with me to bed. Suddenly I felt something in my throat come loose. What ever had caused the pain “Fell off” and the pain Disappeared”.  

C. U., Sweden

Excellent Heath with Emethy

“Mother and I are in excellent health due to your magic medicine-Emethy”

M. Palm Springs

It helps with the flow of energy

“I want to thank you again for your wonderful kindness and attention, I appreciate it, and also for the Immune formula. I think it has been very helpful, especially with the long trip from India and so many flu and cold bugs going around. I found that if I squiggle my fingers around a little, it helps the flow of energy. It has made a big difference”.   

R. D., Florida

Miraculous Benefits

“The benefits that I have derived from Emethy are miraculous-my energy level has vastly improved and surpasses how I have felt for longer than I can remember. My Digestion problem has been solved so completely. I have not had to rely on anti-acid aid for several months. This is the first time I have been free of indigestion for years. I’m so grateful for my improved health in every way since using Emethy and at eighty one years of age can honestly endorse Emethy for anyone wanting to enjoy good health”



“I’m feeling more like 35 than 70 years old-I’m never without Emethy. What a wonderful way to stay well and happy-one certainly goes with the other”

It only takes one minute per formula for an Emethy® session.


Emethy works at a very deep level

“From the time I started using the Emethy formulas, I have felt them working at a very deep level. Even though certain symptoms reoccur, they become less severe with each use. Overall, I feel I recover from things much faster and I do feel stronger and more vital in my core. My sense of things is that the Emethy formulas will continue to unwrap blocks that I’ve experienced in the past”. 

 G., Florida

helps with addictions

“Master Herbalist-Since I’ve used the EM10-addiction Free for approx. a week about three times a day I had no idea I was indeed addicted to alcohol. Even the thought or taste of alcohol now feels repulsive to me. In my Spiritual consultant business I choose to have a very clean vibration and Emethy was very beneficial to my spiritual path”.

 M. H., California

Severe PMS Relief

“I had a history of several physical problems ranging from hypoglycemia mood swings, depression, Candida and severe PMS.

After getting discouraged with traditional Doctors, who only wanted to prescribe tranquilizers, I started on a wholistic method search. I tried homeopathy, acupuncture, message, hypnotherapy, proper diet , and exercise. All of these methods worked but wore off quickly and got rather costly. So my search for a feasible means of self-healing continued. I then had the opportunity to work with her Emethy & received tremendous results. I felt immediately long lasting results. It also has the added bonus of being very convenient and virtually inexpensive. I didn’t have to wait until the therapist was available or wait until I had enough money. My help was ALWAYS there ready for me. I knew I had found the answer to my long search and have successfully been using the emethy ever since”.  

C., California

Emethy is simply great!!!

 “EMETHY IS GREAT! EMETHY IS GREAT! EMETHY IS GREAT- I want you to know that I feel so much better. I’m experiencing an interesting development with my Emethy-formulas. I can see a difference when I use Emethy on a regular basis verses not so regular. And, the best of all, I see what has improved more permanently. There are lots of things. I can turn my head much easier. My fingers seem to be in less pain. My memory has improved for sure. I used to be able to look at things or words and remember them like a photographic memory. I notice that it’s coming back. It’s amazing-I feel better in the morning when I wake up. If I do feel bad I use Emethy a little while and it all goes away..Emethy is something else”.


Quite incredible for menopause

“A few months ago I was starting to experience the typical hot flashes of menopause. They occurred only at night, progressing from 1x/ night the first month to 5x/ night the second month. I also began to experience very disturbing irregularities in my emotional state, an experience of nameless agitation and insecurity resulting from not being able to depend any longer either on getting rest or being emotionally stable. Some homeopathy, herbal and nutritional products I tried helped, but not much. I didn’t want to go the route of hormone replacement, even bioidentical replacement, because I know all of it can throw off general balance with difficult consequences over time. I began to use several Emethy remedies specifically for this problem: EM4, EM7, MENO, THY, SIL, and SEA. (See Products)I used them 2x/day. Within 48 hours the hot flashes and emotional disturbance stopped completely, and have never returned. I didn’t change anything else I was doing, in fact I even stopped some of it. Quite incredible, when I consider the agony women can experience with menopause. I am really grateful!”  

H. F., CA

My solar plexus feels so much smoother

“I have used my Full spectrum Series very much. One thing I must say in general is that no matter which one I use they all affect my nervous system. EM8-Stress made me feel the vibrations through my whole body. I have never felt it so clear before all the way down to my feet. It’s amazing how the right formula comes to me at the right time. I’ve gone through some real stress symptoms lately.

Before I got EM8-Stress-for days my heart was pounding 144 beats per minute. It thought it would jump out of my chest. EM5-Heart-has helped for that. I used EM8-Stress-for 2 days and I can breath much better..it’s a big difference only after 2 days use. I want to tell you that my solar plexus feels so much smoother. That’s where I keep my anxiety. I think EM8-Stress brought that change as well. Life seems gentler..it’s just easier to be! I’m very thankful and I know there must be many people out there needing Emethy. EM4-Hormonal formula-is another one I’m using frequently. Sugar affects my system-nervous system, particularly days after eating chocolate I feel terrible! Now with EM4-Hornomal I can eat chocolate”.


emethy for anxiety, please!

“The most striking aspect of my use of Emethy was using the ANXIETY Emethy formula during a stormy Intercontinental flight. I was so nervous about my plight that I was shaking. I remembered I had Emethy’s Anxiety formula so I held onto it. Breathing and heart rate changed, attitude and muscles relaxed”

Most people report a positive change within moments of using Emethy®.

Randi Farkas

Amazing and Fast!

“I’m having great results with the EM2-Energy formula. It’s amazing how fast and effective it is. It seems to change my whole attitude-it’s wonderful. And Sarah, the baby, is responding wonderfully to the Anti-Gas Emethy formula. Usually, within 10 minutes she’s totally relieved. Thanks so much for responding so quickly to my plea for help”.  

N. G., Florida

Sore throat disappeared

“Happy News Bulletin-I was checked last week (Doctors office) for the first time since using the Emethy and delighted to find my readings improved nicely. I was using “Emethy Lung Vitality during a week-end visit and knowing my hostess has been a victim of T.B. and emphysema I just handed her the bottle with a wet cloth. She had no knowledge of what I was doing as I said “This should be good for you-just hold it for awhile”. Shortly after she had such an astonished look on her face as she said “I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but it doesn’t hurt when I breathe now”. The next morning her throat was sore and she had no voice. I handed her the Propolis Emethy and Viola!! The sore throat disappeared and her voice came back! I was so excited”.  

J. L., Florida

Much more relaxed!

“Since starting to use Emethy I have become much more relaxed. I handle stress better, both at the work place and at home. My wife appreciates it and at work-they are amazed”.   

R. Co., California

doubt and fear replaced by confidence and trust

“I have come to experience a real presence in my life. Old habits and worries have left and I feel a new sense of inner strength, self confidence and self love. Doubt and fear have been replace with self confidence and trust”.  

C. K.California

digestive problems corrected

“First experience was an inflow of energy. I was exhausted, then came a feeling of high energy. PMS problems are gone and Digestive problems corrected”. 

 G. A., California

I have wonderful feelings now

“Sometimes when I go to bed with EM3-Immune Emethy- in my sock I feel tingly feelings throughout my body., and a sort of shifting of alignment. I find that my feelings are mostly on the positive side now. I used to have alot of hyper-stress, I don’t feel that way anymore. I have Wonderful Feelings now!”  

D. E., California

Tremendous increase of energy

“My energy has increased tremendously! I’m walking more erect. No back pain when I walk now. I’m happier-I’m not dwelling on negative things. I use to bury many many feeling-I Seem to be getting in touch with my feelings now. I even make my bed each day now and work in my garden”. 

M. T., California

surge of energy

“Several people have remarked about my very noticeable surge of energy since using the Full Spectrum Series. My improvement in every way is almost miraculous!”  

V. D., Sonoma

loosen up tight muscles!

“Emethy has REALLY loosen up my neck muscles. It has worked remarkably well for my overall health. Emethy has also greatly helped my 2 dogs”.  

C., California

We love our emethy

“We love our Emethy, we find it very helpful and beneficial. I gave the Full Spectrum Series to a friend-Ida-she was thrilled with the results she got from using Emethy. She had an ulcer condition and the Doctors wanted to operate. By using the Emethy the ulcer is gone..She is thrilled!”.  

J D.

Emethy has done so much for me

“I really feel great, and never lose my excitement about using your wonderful Emethy. They have done so much for me! I shall be eternally grateful”.  

S. B., Florida

sense of balance

“I feel the Emethy has been very helpful with “balancing me out”. After 6 weeks of deafness I have not missed the “Hearing” Emethy formula and I seem to hear better now. I believe the same thing with my eyes has happened. I can read the smallest print without glasses.”.  

G. M., Florida

Gout improvement

“Six weeks have passed since the momentous occasion that brought you and Emethy into my life in such a powerful manner. I am thankful for the beneficial results derived from this experience. I am indeed totally dedicated to the power of Emethy.

Incidentally, my husband has suffered from Gout for a few years now which required him to take medication daily. After I became involved with Emethy I persuaded him to try it and he has abandoned his daily medication and remained pain free for 6 weeks now with no recurrence of any symptoms or attacks of Gout.

I thank you in behalf of my family and will speak out in praise of Emethy to my friends and associates.

One month passes:

I am pleased to advise you that subsequent to your Emethy symposium last April I persuaded my husband to experiment with Emeth’s Full Spectrum Series. He has discontinued his daily medical prescription with absolutely no negative or discomforting effects attributed to Gout.

My husband uses the Full spectrum once daily and enjoys complete freedom from the characteristic pain and discomfort of Gout which can be overwhelming and he attributes this improvement to the benefits derived from Emethy. It’s wonderful to have an open mind and a receptiveness to a different philosophy”.

Every living being is unique and absorbs Emethy’s® energy accordingly.


it works even for a sprain

“I put the Trauma Emethy formula on my son’s ankle for his sprain and I tell you he has seen results not only for the sprain but for many other things as well”. 

 A. H., Florida

Emethy works

“It was in the early 80’s when I first heard about Emethy. I was experiencing female problems. Every month I had all the symptoms of being pregnant. Hot flashes, nausea, wanting to vomit and very emotional.

I started having strange periods. My GYNOB talked me into having a D&C. By December my condition only got worse. I was bleeding 8 days before my actual period was due and then continued to bleed for another 5 days.

My Doctor prescribed Hormonal pills which I resented taking but felt I had no other recourse. I was still spotting 3 days before my period was due. I also gained 5 lbs from water retention.

I was told to switch from Hormone Pills to Birth control pills. I was told if that didn’t work then a Hysterectomy would be suggested. I shuddered to think of that kind of surgery.

By June of 1988 a miracle happened. Gail gave me Emethy’s EM4-Hormonal formula . I cannot express how excited I was. After 30 days and each month thereafter I have had a normal period.

No matter how busy my day seems, I always find time to do my “Session in a Bottle-Emethy”. To me that painless, timeless effort works wonders. I hate to think what would have happened to me if I didn’t have Emethy in my life.

Emethy is simple.

Emethy is very inexpensive.

Emethy works.

Thank God for Emethy”.  

Emethy® hits the highway of electrical pathways throughout the body in lightening speed!

D. B., San Mateo, California

my outlook on life is much more positive and optimistic

“My first contact with Emethy was when I had a cold. It took 10-15 seconds for my nose to clear up. No exaggeration! It happened several times during that cold. I don’t remember having a cold since. Emethy has also helped my pain due to Arthritis..it’s gone. I had allergies on my toes which disappeared in less than a week.

My heart use to beat real fast-144/Minute-it has balance out. EM 6-Digestion Emethy has helped me several times when having stomach problems and nausea..it has worked FAST each time.

After starting to use the Full Spectrum Series 3 times a day-the most amazing changes have occurred. My outlook on life is so much more positive and optimistic.

My complexion looks better, I have a better appetite. I’m happier and more focused. My husband and I drove across the United States. I drove for 6 hours and felt like I could drive even more-this has never happened before, usually after 2-21/2 hr. I would be on the verge of falling asleep. Emethy has changed all of this”.  

C. U., Sweden

No sign of bruising or pain!

“My husband-B.-had a horrendous injury occur while working with an electric sander. His leg pant was caught in the sander and it painfully snared the skin of his thigh. The pain was extremely unbearable. B. came into the house groaning and the Doctor was called. I handed my husband Emethy’s EM9-Trauma formula while dialing the Doctor. Very shortly after holding the Trauma formula the pain totally subsided. H. described what had occurred to the Doctor and the Doctor claimed that B. would have a rainbow bruise. He asked B. to come and see him. Everyone-including the Doctor was amazed as-the next day-there was no sign of bruising or pain”. 

H  . L., B.C. Canada

Emethy works in so many areas

“B. had allergic reactions to cats. One day we were visiting B.’s son and a cat entered the room. B. reacted instantaneously! I handed my husband Emethy’s EM3-Immune formula and immediate relief was felt. The cat remained in the room and B. was totally fine. He has never had another reaction since.

“I’m 70 years old and my Doctors have suggested that anyone over 65 should have flu shots. I have been using Emethy’s VRAL formula for 5 years now and have not had a cold or flu with the exception of slight symptoms resulting from stress. At the first sign of a cold/flu I sleep with Emethy’s VRAL formula and the next day the symptoms are completely gone.

I have numerous other reports. This is another one. I had a terrible accident while cooking. I was talking with some friends and not only forgot to wear an oven glove while extracting a pan from the oven but I also accidentally touched the bright red broiling coil instead of the pan. Upon touching the coil you could actually smell the burning flesh of my fingers. A friend immediately handed me Emethy’s EM9-Trauma formula and the pain left. There was never a blister which should have resulted in this type of burn. The speed in which Emethy was applied resulted in a pain-free incident without negative consequence”.  

H. L., B.C. Canada

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