Emethy® Directions For Use

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Place your Emethy® vial, upright, in a shallow bowl. Fill the bowl with water until it is covering half of the bottle. 

Always keep the water level below the cap. With your fingertips (left hand preferably), grasp the lower half of the vial so your fingers are in the water and hold for 1 minute per formula, 3x per dayYou want your fingertips to be touching the bottom part of the bottle. Do not submerge the bottle. A formula can be used more frequently and for longer periods of time when needed. Remember – you cannot overdose with Emethy’s® method. When using more than one formula, each can be used one after the other in the same water. Use cold or warm water.

The proper energy exchange can also take place by holding your Emethy® vial in a wet cotton cloth or handkerchief. Or, if you don’t have access to a bowl of water, you can spray your fingertips with a water bottle and hold the vial in your hand.

Emethy® is great to use in the bathtub (Do Not Submerge). You can also tape the Emethy® vial on specific areas of imbalance, (Ace bandages will work). People have reported positive results using Emethy over meridian points and reflex points. Sleeping with Emethy® directly over problematic areas can also help.

The most powerful results are experienced by holding your Emethy® vial in a bowl of water or while bathing.

Emethy® can be used in environments as well.  One or more remedies may be placed in a shallow container of water in rooms to bring in augmenting frequencies to your environment.  Water should be changed daily.  Remedies may also be used in gardens by burying in the ground which is kept damp.

All formulas maintain their potency for a minimum of 1 year with unlimited use. These specially treated Emethy® bottles are sealed at the time of preparation and are not to be opened as loss of frequency will occur.


Emethy® works with the subtle energy fields. The benefits described above are based on technical references and the consistent reports of Emethy® users. Emethy® formulas are for experimental research purposes only. No claims are made. Descriptions contain references to subtle energies only and not actual physical conditions, and are not intended to be a diagnosis or treatment.

It is the individual’s right to freely choose the type and source of health care she/he deems appropriate. Practicing such health freedom requires the responsibility of acquiring valid health information and skills. In addition, it is the individual’s responsibility to recognize when to seek professional health care. Although people have reported tangible results using Emethy, there are no promises to produce any certain results or to offer refunds.