Emethy® Energy Formulas Overview

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On this page, you’ll access all the basic information you need to get started with the Emethy® Formulas. Here are the topics we’ll be covering in this article: 

What is Emethy®?

The name Emethy stands for a unique form of electro-energy therapy.  Emethy‘s uniqueness lies in its delivery system.

EMETHY’S® DELIVERY SYSTEM is key as it allows the energy of herbs and minerals to enter our system through the nerve endings in our fingertips, tongue or feet. With this extraordinary therapy there are no side effects nor can an overdose be taken as the body regulates the perfect dose every time.

EMETHY®– electro medicinal energy therapy- is a Proprietary method that transmits an electrical current of beneficial energy, through the glass, within moments of use. Specially formulated herbs and minerals are used in this process and because no actual substance enters the body, leaving a chemical residue, there are no harmful side effects nor can an overdose occur with Emethy’s® astute method.

What makes Emethy® different?

Most by-mouth products require optimal enzyme action, digestion and assimilation in order to be fully beneficial. Emethy’s® delivery system works totally different as it transmits 100% of its beneficial properties instantly via the nerve endings of the fingertips, tongue and feet.

How Emethy® works?

Emethy formulas are made active by a series of Proprietary treatments. Herbs along with other natural ingredients are used in each Emethy creation. Emethy’s treatments allow the formula substances to be transmitted freely through glass by the conductorship of water.

How can Emethy® help you?

Emethy® helps to bring Mental, Emotional and Physical energies back into a balanced state of being. 

Emethy® is reported to negate negative energies stemming from TV’s, Radios, Computers, Cellular Phones, Microwaves, and other EMF frequencies. Emethy® helps us to tolerate those unfavorable frequencies by strengthening and protecting our delicate electrical system. 

How to use Emethy®

By simply holding the Emethy vial in a bowl of water a beneficial charge of energy is released. This energy transmits directly through ones nerve endings in the fingertips tongue or feet.

Only one minute per Emethy formula is necessary with using the formula three times a day. For persistent problems such as infections and pain a formula may be held longer than a minute.

How long does one need to use Emethy® before experiencing results?

Each person has their own unique experience with Emethy®. Most People report a positive change within the FIRST session. About 1-2 weeks of sessions are usually suggested in order to maintain a balance. Long term chronic conditions may require more sessions and longer periods of use .

Is Emethy’s® Method safe for everyone?

Yes, Emethy® is totally safe for every living thing.

Can Emethy® be interfered with or altered by negative energies?

Emethy® does not take on negative energies from sharing formulas with others. Nor will it interfere with other modalities one is using. Emethy® will only enhance everything else that one is doing.

When can I use Emethy®?

Use Emethy® at home, the office and while driving. Take it on walks and watch for that extra pep in your step:) Use Emethy® at least 3X per day or more as you cannot overdose with this method. Emethy® is also a GREAT preventive tool. Use it when traveling- especially by air- as it will keep your immune system protected and your vital forces UP. Emethy® is like having your own personal therapist 24/7:)

What is the difference between Emethy's® Electro Energy and the Electrical Current we know?

An electrical current or life force is present in all living things. Emethy’s subtle electro current is different from electricity found in a house. Our bodies are alive through an elaborate electrical network. An imbalance in our body’s electrical field can result in illness which in turn creates mental, emotional and physical disturbances. Maintaining and preserving our subtle electrical energy field is KEY to health.

Giving the body what it needs electrically will allow everything else to fall into place. Working with our subtle electrical system is like working with the blueprint of our being. Using Emethy’s non invasive method, sets things in motion to create an ultimate state of being.


Emethy® works with the subtle energy fields. The benefits described above are based on technical references and the consistent reports of Emethy® users. Emethy® formulas are for experimental research purposes only. No claims are made. Descriptions contain references to subtle energies only and not actual physical conditions, and are not intended to be a diagnosis or treatment.

It is the individual’s right to freely choose the type and source of health care she/he deems appropriate. Practicing such health freedom requires the responsibility of acquiring valid health information and skills. In addition, it is the individual’s responsibility to recognize when to seek professional health care. Although people have reported tangible results using Emethy, there are no promises to produce any certain results or to offer refunds.

All information about Emethy® products, source from emethy.com.