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“I have worked with Holland Franklin for a number of years, utilizing a number of her services, including coaching, product sales, and health care practices. She has always been highly professional, giving me quality service. She is reliable, efficient, and has attended to my personal and business needs with very individualized attention. She is articulate, perceptive, effective, dedicated and responsive. I would not hesitate to recommend her and her services to anyone.”  W.O. , Publisher


“Over twenty years ago we realized that something was wrong–energy was disturbed–in our daughter’s bedroom. She was having difficulty sleeping and everyone who entered the room felt as if ‘something was off’. A master dowser came to our home and did an evaluation. For a time his re-routing of the underground water seemed to work. Then, we had a powerful Russian healer and psychic come to the house and he told us that our house was on an Indian burial ground and that that particular section of the house was disturbed. He changed the energy flow and again, the ambiance seemed to improve for a while. 

Three years ago Holland Franklin came to the house and through her evaluation we again discovered that there was a major disturbance in the bedroom. After testing for location, Holland placed the Pulsor®s in strategic areas in the bedroom and left them for twenty-four hours. 

The difference the next day was remarkable. For the first time in years the energy felt positive and uplifting. Now, both my daughter’s, as well as the cat, want to sleep in this bedroom. Whether it was the leylines, underground water, or dead Indians laying disturbed underground, these Pulsors changed the energy flow in this room and now it is a joy to be in this room. I would highly recommend using this system if there is any energy disturbance in the home.”  S.S.   R.N.

“I went to meet with Holland Franklin in an office I hadn’t been in before. I have lupus, and my legs usually have a lot of pain. I noticed when I had been in the room for a while that my legs no longer hurt me. I mentioned this to Holland, and she showed me a Pulsor® Vortex Filter that was plugged into the wall. She explained how it harmonized the energy in the building and provided EMF protection. When she unplugged the machine for comparison, my leg pain returned. When she plugged it in again, my leg pain vanished again.”   K.F.   Business Owner



” I’ve had the pleasure of working with Holland in a variety of situations, and am pleased to recommend her as a reliable professional and an extraordinary coach. I believe that she brings key skills to her clients. Holland is a phenomenal communicator, who combines excellent reflective listening and problem solving skills, creative intuition born of years of dedicated research, and an excellent ability to articulate new alternatives and options to her clients.

Holland’s passionate interest in supporting growth and healing allows her to achieve success in the difficult task of working with people to effect deep changes their lives.”  E.R., Business systems Analyst


“Holland is a top choice for individuals wanting to make huge shifts in the quality of their lives. She is versatile and gifted, and will rise to any occasion in her professional sphere. It is a blessing to experience her Genius!”

T. G., Training Consultant



“Holland’s collaborative style builds on her intuitive and scientific approach while honoring and evoking the client’s deepest intentions to produce magical harmony and beauty. It has always been a total pleasure to work with her.” 


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