“Chi” + Coherence = Vitality

Coherence sounds like something rather dry and academic, but what it means is an underlying unifying whole.  We see it everywhere in the natural world - it's responsible for the seasons, the beauty of the rose and regularity of the ocean tides.  

What is “Coherence”

Coherence is the sacred geometry visible in the sunflower.  Coherence = structure and organization.  Without coherence everything would literally fall apart.

Coherence increases available life energy or “Chi”. Coherence is fundamental for both energy and function.  

Without “coherence” there is no life as we know it.

Anything that increases “coherence” in an environment adds ease, clarity and gracefulness to everything that takes place there.  Environments with more coherence support all the qualities listed above; there’s a feeling of greater peace, vitality, thinking clearly is easier, feeling positive emotions is natural, physical energy is  greater and one feels more coordinated.  Increasing health follows an increase in energetic coherence, because physical form and function improves as a consequence of an improvement in underlying energy.  Increased resilience to stress, for instance, is a result of greater coherence.

Anything that disturbs coherence creates more chaos, and loss of energy and integrity.  Environments with an underlying chaos leave us feeling more tired, irritable, unclear, argumentative, and generally more unwell.  Loss of internal coherence on an energetic level precedes a decline in health, because physical form follows the underlying quality and structure of energy.  The physical arena is where changes in the subtle field show up, mush as an oak tree will follow the planting of an acorn.

Along with Classical Feng Shui, the Pulsor® and Structured Water Units* products all help to create and support greater vital energy , or “Chi”, and a progressively more deeply coherent structure to the energy.  The experience of this is greater Vitality and Well-Being for every living thing in the environment.


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