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Category: Space Clearing

Moving On – Feng Shui Tips for Selling Your Home

Selling a house and moving involves many dimensions that are both financial and personal.  It makes sense to consider several different points of view to create and apply a strategy for a successful sale.  Realtors, property stagers and various assessors generally cover the basics of a building sale effectively, and yet there are often homes that sit on the market for some time.  Feng Shui includes a broad spectrum of tools that have been used successfully to sell many properties.

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De-clutter – Pause – Expand

“De-clutter, expand, de-clutter, expand, de-clutter, expand …”, these were the words used by a friend in a conversation we had a few days ago about how we move forward authentically in our lives.  The “de-clutter, expand” notion captured my attention because it describes so much of the cycles in life, and a lot of what really defines the experience of living from one phase to the next.

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Happy Trails!

Throughout our day from when our feet first touch the floor in the morning, until we climb into bed at night, we move from one place to another along various well-worn pathways throughout our homes and where we work.  The degree of ease of moving from Point A to Point B adds to physical and also psychological ease of getting where we want to go to.  

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At the Heart of Organizing

Clutter-clearing and organizing are a big part of feng shui, no doubt about it.  There are all sorts of practical systems out there to help with getting and staying organized, and they do work if they’re a good fit for the organizing style you have inherently.

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Simple Space Clearing

The practice of Feng Shui includes many different techniques and types of information.  Compass School feng shui assessments, which I have provided for 18 years now, require study and experience, as do several other aspects of understand what affects a property.

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