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Category: Interior Design

Using Feng Shui to Reach Higher Ground

Every individual and culture is deeply influenced by the structures they inhabit to live and work in. A history of the world which tracks the effects of indigenous
architecture design – from the individual dwelling to community and nation planning – and all these influences over time would describe most of the scope of human experiences

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Moving On – Feng Shui Tips for Selling Your Home

Selling a house and moving involves many dimensions that are both financial and personal.  It makes sense to consider several different points of view to create and apply a strategy for a successful sale.  Realtors, property stagers and various assessors generally cover the basics of a building sale effectively, and yet there are often homes that sit on the market for some time.  Feng Shui includes a broad spectrum of tools that have been used successfully to sell many properties.

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Sacred Lives, Sacred Places

This is not about what we usually think of as sacred sites or power places, those singular spots on the planet where pyramids, You-Are-here-300x199pilgrimage routes and healing waters are found. This is an invitation to look at “sacred” from a very different angle of vision: the sacred life of every person, every day and in every place, thru the reflective lens of feng shui.

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Home As Personal Habitat

In the world of interior design there are so many concepts and trends, it’s all too easy to get lost in someone else’s idea of the best way to create an interior.  How does one choose what will create a home that really feels like home?

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