Create Harmony Inside and Out

Knowing how to create harmony in your environment is crucial in the high tech world. I want to empower you through skills, tools, and understanding, to create the environment that gives you quality of life.

A Living Environment

Affects every aspect of life, physically, emotionally, mentally, creatively, financially, and spiritually. It can support you to be vibrant and thriving or sick and unhappy.

Provides guidance, products, and information so you can create a healthy living space for you and your family, and support your body to be resilient in any environment.

Create Harmony

Classical Feng Shui Consultation

Pulsor® EMF Protection and Balancing Technology

Hexahedron999® Structured Water

Products to increase resilience in any environment

Ripple Effects - Blog Articles

Feng Shui in home

Feng Shui

Traditional Compass School Feng Shui uses the “art of placement” to balance the unique energetic potential of your home and work place.
The power of structured water

Structured Water

Nature’s water is Structured Water ~ It provides true hydration, the foundation of life, for people, animals, plants, and soil.

Pulsor® - EMF Protection

Hi-Tech Feng Shui for the Age of Information, with tools and techniques for a safe living environment, personal safety, and hands-on balancing to be at your best.

Smart Meter Guard Protection EMF

Smart Meter Guards

Quickly reduce harmful EMF emissions from Electric, Water, Gas Meters, and WiFi Routers. 

Consult with Holland

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