Balance Your Environment, Balance Yourself

Balance is a state of centered equilibrium. When we are in balance we can respond creatively and appropriately to every facet of our lives - relationships, work, physical health, creative expression and spiritual focus.

What is Balance?

 When we are out of balance we enter into a downward cycle of dissatisfaction and mechanical behavior. The trick is to maintain balance in a dynamically changing world. Balance is produced by authentic self-expression and is also the foundation for it.

What Does My Environment Have to Do With It?

Working with our environment is exciting because it is a hands-on way of transforming our inner experience of quality and joy through working with the external expression of it. Our inner landscape of beliefs and creative impulses influences our outer world and likewise, the features of our outer world influence our inner quality of life. If you change one you change the other.

Living Room – Before

How Do I Know if My Environment is Balanced?

Have you ever walked into a place that was new to you and you instantly felt at ease, or, conversely, instantly ill at ease? Your body will tell you what is going on around you. When you are in a balanced environment it’s easier to breathe, your body feels more centered and light, thoughts are clearer, emotions are calmer. There’s a sense of joyful ease. Interactions with others, family or co-workers, are smoother and more effective.

How Can I Create a Happy Balanced Environment?

If you feel ill at ease where you are, look around and see if you can notice what you are responding to? If you are more kinesthetic, focus on how your body feels when you look at different parts of environment. When you are near something that isn’t right for you, or sometimes looking at it, your body will respond by becoming more shut down. Move a few steps into an area that is more balanced and your body will respond quickly to the change in energy there.

Do you find yourself with the same complaint from one day to the next? For example, “I feel stifled and stuck.” These complaints are a cry for greater balance. Look at your surroundings and see what produces the same feeling you have when you are complaining. Is there enough open space for you to move around in? Perhaps your desk faces a wall – see if you can face something like a window or picture that gives you a feeling of creative expansion. Maybe you have stacks of old papers or boxes around – eliminate what is obsolete around you to make room for new inspiration and forward movement.

Living Room – After

Once you’ve identified the aspects of your environment that unbalance you, take gradual steps towards making your environment fit your needs.  Don’t rush – too much change too quickly can throw you out of balance as well!  When you notice your body relaxing, your easy breath returning, congratulations, you’ve created a more balanced environment, which will support you in creating the quality of experience you want to have in all areas of your life.