Today like every other day we wake up empty and scared. Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading! Take down the dulcimer. Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.         

– Rumi

Holland Franklin expert in Feng Shui and EMF protection

About Holland Franklin

Over the course of my professional lifetime I have experienced many different practices and had the good fortune to have some remarkable teachers.

I have been a Doula (childbirth support), studied with midwives as a Childbirth Education instructor, learned Reflexology, Arica Vortex Points therapy, studied Chinese herbs, Tuina medical massage, classical homeopathy, been an International Instructor for Body Harmony® therapeutic bodywork, also an International Instructor for Vivation® Breathwork and emotional resolution system, taught Pranic Healing, became a certified Coach through the Hendricks Institute, and practiced Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Healing, and conducted many Pulsor® Balancing sessions using the Pulsor® EMF technology. 

In 1996 I had a transformational moment walking across a parking lot in Hawaii, and realized that no matter how good I was as a practitioner, people were still leaving my office and going home to unhealthy living environments, and those environments would undo a lot of the good that I may have managed to do on their behalf. I turned on a dime, took my first Compass School Feng Shui classes, and started to learn about all the ways in which environments can either help us greatly or, equally, hurt us. 

Compass School Feng Shui immediately created improvements in my home, my life, and my understanding of the subtle dynamics present in all properties. The details of deep understanding were amazing to me, and I could see how different places I’d lived had shaped my experiences without my knowing it.

In 1997 I learned about the Pulsor® Balancing tools which added another layer of being able to deeply balance the energy of clients’ homes and workplaces, as well as to help clients to protect and balance themselves. Learning about Pulsors was also learning about the nature of Electromagnetic fields and the considerable harm that could come from all the simple wiring and appliances we take for granted every day. Life brought me more teachers to further this education, such as Cindy Sage of, who has helped to educate the world about the dangers of cell phones and other wireless technologies.

I’ve always been one to try to synthesize all the knowledge I’ve received and the experiences I have along the way. Everything I’ve learned and experimented with has added some kind of integrated subtlety to what I understand about environments, and how we as complex humans affect and are affected by how we live, how our traumas, needs, and creative selves shape and are shaped each and every day in the ongoing feedback loop experience we have with where we are.

Having had the experience of electrosensitivity for over a decade, I also want to help others to be safe and balanced in their technology-driven environments. Now more than ever, this is something we all need to be aware of.

Structured Water for personal health as well as on properties, as well as other products such as ASEA redox signaling molecules which, among many other things, can help us repair from and feel much more well within EMF and high tech field exposures, have also been added as ways to “create harmony inside and out” – they add dimensions of natural wellness which get lost in our pre-processed lifestyles so far away from nature. 

I’ve tested each method and product personally before I recommend it to others, and always look for high quality tools backed by companies with integrity who really care about people. 

Being a Doula present at many births, and the Body Harmony, Vivation, and Somatic Experiencing practices taught me how to hold space for others, and to listen deeply for who that person is, what is the creative healing force within them trying to accomplish, how can I honor their utter uniqueness as a being and support them to have the life that they want, rather than what I might think they ought to have. Not “imposing” on others, but helping the innate soulful intelligence within that singular person to express itself in every unique moment, that is the task, and supporting all of that to occur in a healthier environment, that is the task and the art of what I do.




"Beautiful Holland, I had the opportunity to hear you speak last night on Clayton’s classroom, and now visit your website. I wanted to take this moment to say….I am SO grateful for what you are bringing to the planet. Your depth and “knowing” is a brillance for all of US. Waves of Love and Light, Stay Structured…"
Dianne Jewell