Hexahedron 999®

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Technology

More Than Just a Water Structuring Device

The Hexahedron 999® has NINE Specific Principles of Operation that can be broken down into THREE specific results – the generation of Biophotons, Resonance, and Structure in the water. This is achieved by three distinct processes: Mechanical Function, Refraction, and Induction – all of which result in a perpetual sequence of Action, Reaction and Interaction. 

The "motor" which drives the process is simply: The Velocity Of The Multiple VOTEXES Generated Within The Device as shown in the video below:

There are three different methods of creating biophotons within the Hexahedron 999® Water:

1. Piezoelectric Charge. The water vortexes around a central crystalline core. This high velocity vortex create pressure on the crystal creating a piezoelectric charge in the water. Resulting in the creation of Generoactive Biophotons (Mechanical Function)

2. Photogenesis. The inner chambers of the unit are geometrically formed and geometrically aligned. The water moves through the unit in a similar manner as electrons moving through a photomultiplier. With every bounce off the metal walls the energy increases – producing and multiplying the light particles in the water. Resulting in the creation of Regeneroactive Biophotons. (Refraction)

3. Biophoton Capacitor.
Each unit has an outer clay wrap containing over 144 minerals together with precious metals and powdered crystals. Each mineral element acts as an antenna to capture and transmit specific photonic wave frequencies. (Induction – © proprietary)


There are three different methods of creating resonance within the Hexahedron 999® Water:

1. Tuning Fork Action. Each unit contains multiple resonance chambers. The vibrating inner baffles act in a similar manner as tuning forks. When the water strikes the baffles with its high intensity vortexes, they begin to vibrate emitting a resonance frequency. (Mechanical Function)

2. RTS Harmonic Scale. The crystalline core has been induces with a specific harmonic scale much like a computer chip. The biophoton charge in the water turns on and transmits the frequencies of this harmonic scale in the same manner as you would turn on the power to your computer – resulting in coherent phonons in the water. (Refraction).

3. Harmonic Wave Resonance. A geometrical circuit board is wrapped around the outer cylinder of the unit which creates resonance waves of specific shape and color frequencies, This circuit also acts as a fractal antenna in a similar manner as a cell phone antenna.
(Induction – © proprietary)


There are three different methods of creating structure within the Hexahedron 999® Water:

1. Hydrophilic Pressure. All contact surfaces of the unit are hydrophilic (stainless steel, quartz) creating natural charge separation exclusion zones (EZ structure). Increases the surface tension of the water and creates highly structured hexagonal layers. The inner tube creates a continuous draw of charged particles through the unit even when there is no water flowing. (Mechanical Function)

2. Anode Impulse Generator. The outer clay mineral wrap provides a strong negative ion push/pull from the outer side of the unit expanding the EZ zone (structure) and increasing the electromagnetic potential in the water. (Refraction)

3. Cymatic Lines of Form. The cymatic lines of form induced through the harmonic scale and geometrical circuit board create specific wave patterns and structure in the water. These flux lines carry the potential building blocks for the perfection of matter. Maximum benefit in all and for all.
(Induction – © proprietary)


As the VORTEX speed increases, so too does the Wave / Sound / Light frequency of the water At the same time, the electro-magnetic potential also increases. Resulting in : High Frequency Energized Water #EnergizedWater

Hexahedron 999 Mechanical Function

Phase 1 - #999Water

1.   Mechanical Function
2.  Refraction
3.  Induction

Hexahedron 999 Biophotons

Phase 2 - #999Water

1.   Biophotons
2.  Resonance
3.  Structure

Phase 3 - #999Water

1.   Action
2.  Reaction
3.  Interaction

The Hexahedron 999® Technology contains over 200 individual © copyrighted materials Although some of the basic mechanical functions may have been replicated Hexahedron 999® Structured Water Can Never Be Duplicated

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