5 Elements Feng Shui Remedies Guide

This Guide is given as a resource for those who have received an assessment of their property with different 5 Element Remedies indicated on their floorplan.  Usually, we already own the items that can fulfill the elements indicated, and it is simply a matter of noticing what items represent the elements and placing them in the right areas of a building.  With a little practice it becomes easy to identify what element or elements an object or color represents.

The 5 Element Remedies are used to establish harmonious energy in different areas of your home. They work similarly to Acupuncture remedies for your body: excess energies are put into productive flow, deficient areas are supported. Some are useful at all times and others are only for the current year. If remedies are temporary, this will be indicated on the diagram grid of your home or business.

Physical representatives of the remedies, listed in order of strength of influence:

  • Lit candles
  • Violet or red light bulb
  • Colored objects or paint: violet, burgundy or red, pink, purple, lavender
  • Triangle shapes, sharp angles
Feng Shui Fire Remedies by Holland Franklin
Feng Shui Earth Remedies by Holland Franklin
  • Crystals (non-metallic)*
  • Rocks
  • Heavy, chunky furniture: square shapes
  • Pottery
  • Colors yellow or tan
  • Moving metal (metal clocks with moving parts, mobiles)
  • Metal with large surface area
  • Metal with weight
  • Colors gold or white
  • Round shape
Feng Shui Metal Remedies by Holland Franklin
Feng Shui Water Remedies by Holland Franklin
  • Circulating water-fountain or fish tank
  • Open water–must be changed often so doesn’t stagnate
  • Colors blue or black
  • Wavy shapes
  • Live plants
  • Color green
  • Spear-like shapes
Feng Shui Wood Remedies by Holland Franklin

Amounts to use of each are relative to the size of the house, and what is being accomplished, i.e. enhancing a positive or remedying a negative situation. Generally, if you can really feel the presence of the element without being uncomfortable with it, that is enough.  Too much metal, for instance can feel sterile or severe; too much water can make you feel water-logged, etc.. Working with the 5 Elements is like tuning an instrument to produce beautiful music.

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