Reflections on Mirrors

Mirrors can be wonderful, adding light, charm, movement, interest and dimension to any space.  They are ideal for some areas in homes, such as living rooms, bathrooms, hallways and dining areas.  

In businesses they are often used to increase activity and therefore revenue, by increasing the moving energy and light; this has the effect of energizing people so that they are more excited by what a store or restaurant may have to offer and also less likely to linger and block others from moving on in.

Mirrors are not ideal for all locations, however.  Understanding what mirrors do can help to use them to the greatest advantage.
Ever since designers discovered that mirrors could make almost any room seem larger and brighter, mirrors have been installed in abundance, in hallways, living rooms, alcoves, dining rooms, as closet doors in bedrooms, or as a wide stretch of mirror over bathroom sinks and counters.  But are all these mirrors truly benefitting us?

Mirrors are at their best: Real Estate and Fine Photography
Mirrors may not be helping you:
In a small bedroom or other room where the perception of greater size, or more width of the room is preferable, artwork depicting a space with depth will accomplish much the same effect, and add a more personal touch to the room.
Mirrored closet doors can either be replaced with a wood, or a simple curtain can be hung in front of the closet and pushed aside when you need to get into the closet.
Broken or sectioned mirrors can be replaced or repaired.
Mirrors are a powerful tool for increasing beauty and interest, as well as keeping the energy balanced and tuned to the activity in a particular area.  Make sure yours are doing the job you really want them to do.